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Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer in Candlelight

So. That title eh? Lot of claims made there in just the name. Let’s see what the website says:

Liquid Gold. Underneath foundation, the fine golden shimmer offers a subtle glow effect, which is even more intense when applied solo. The handy pipette applicator allows a simple and accurate dosage. Thanks to its neutral shade, the primer is suitable for all skin tones.

Beauty Tip
The Light Correcting Serum Primer can be applied solo for a gorgeous glow or underneath foundation to make it last longer. Mixed into body lotion, the formula offers an all-over glow, or it can be used to set targeted accents. Highlights on the collarbone, neckline or legs emphasize your best features.

So it doesn’t feel like a Serum nor as a Primer nor does it mention these qualities in the description! So why in the title? It does mention that “can be applied solo for a gorgeous glow or underneath foundation to make it last longer”  I’m not sure if they are referring to the glow or the foundation but its a mute point as it does neither for me.

The packaging is nice. Nice frosted bottle with some rose gold touches. The dropper makes for easy application, although I don’t dribble it all over my face as suggested by the video on the site.

Typically I like this kind of product. My favourite of the moment is the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. I will either just pop it under my foundation on its own or mix it in with said foundation. This is much more runny than that one & I don’t find that it offers as much luminosity if I’m being honest. It leaves the skin feeling a tad tacky (and not a good “primer” tacky) as if its a barrier as opposed to acting like a serum that would sink in & hydrate.

It is quite a warm/gold toned colour as well in my opinion so not so neutral.

Overall I’m just not blown away by this product as much as I expected to be. The upside is that it’s Catrice & it cost me less than a Fiver so I’m not gonna cry about it. That’s my absolute fav thing about Catrice – how affordable they are. I can play & not be heartbroken when it doesn’t work out & if it does then BONUS!

Have you tried this? Do you like it? How does it compare for you to others in your collection?


5 thoughts on “Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer in Candlelight

  1. Woow. Nice post. I suggest you try Catrice Liqouid camouflage concealer it is a total hidden gem in drugstore concealers. I tried this primer in drugstore and I didn’t like it as my primer so I didn’t buy it. I agree with your opinion ✔️👌🏻

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    1. I’m glad I’m not alone!
      I’ve tried the concealer. I like it’s coverage I’m just not mad keen on the scent of it. I know it doesn’t bother a lot of people but it just seems to get to me. Having said that it does go away after a while, so if I can just get through it I’m fine!

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  2. For drugstore Loreal Lumi is a must. NYX also makes another great one. Becca soft light is pretty as well. I hate when i expect something from product and it just does nothing lol. I used Charlotte Tilbury Wonder glow daily.

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