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Top 5 Bottom 5 Catrice Edition

This a break down of what I feel are the best & worst of the products I have tried from this brand.

Bottom 5:

Starting with the worst in my opinion:Illuminating Pen:

As you can see from the picture on the right it either comes out very watery or chunky, even with a good shake it doesn’t come together. I did NOT enjoy this.

Eyematic Eyepowder Pen: This initially seemed great. But the problem is as you put product on it quickly needs more product so you have to close it back into the cap to get more product and then open again and use. As you can imagine this becomes time consuming and irritating. I’d rather just use eye shadow and a brush!

Retouch light reflecting concealer: this kind of blended away to nothing, it was very much a non product for me.

Long lasting Lip Pencil: Although the colour is pretty the actual pencil itself is very hard and grabby. It pulls & drags at the lips.

Rock Couture Mascara: The formula on this was actually quite good I just didn’t like the wand, it was too thick and chunky, especially at the top, made it very hard to get into the inner corners or bottom lashes.

Top 5

And these are my top 5 working towards my favourite:

First up is this Prime & Fine Professional Contour Product. The Contour shade is a lovely light cool toned powder that blends beautifully. The Highlight side is a really nice subtle shade. Full review here

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is a really nice foundation. See here for a full review.

As far as primers go this Prime & Fine Pore Refine by Anti-Shine Base is a very good one. It is quite moisturising, helps with pores & my makeup stays put all day. Full review here

High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder is such a gorgeous subtle highlight. It blends beautifully and creates that beautiful lit from within look to the skin. Full review here

My favourite products from this beauty line are their lipsticks and glosses. They are pigmented, creamy and just feel really nice in the lips. I have any amount of them and each range they bring out I have to try and usually end up loving.

Lipdresser Shine Stylo, Lip Contour & Colour & Beautifying Lip Smoother
Have you tried anything from this range. Do you agree/disagree with my top 5 & bottom 5? Have I missed out on anything that you would recommend trying?


Beauty · Top 5 Bottom 5

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