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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – Holy Grail status!

This is my second All Nighter Spray . I’ve tried many other versions , both high end and drug store but this is the one I went back to!

This is a Fixing Spray. Expect to find alcohol in it as it is a traditional setting spray. The difference being that products like Mac Fix Plus for example will settle down the powders on your face but won’t make your makeup last longer. Whereas anything with alcohol typically will.

This has such a fine even mist. The nozzle never gets funky. By that I mean some others as you use them the nozzle scan eventually not dispense the product as evenly , causing heavy drops to come out or nothing to come out at all.

You can definitely smell the alcohol in this. I tend to spray with my eyes closed and keep them closed while I use a fan to dry things down. I do this so no alcohol gets in my eyes causing irritation.

This is the only setting spray that I have used that I genuinely notice it makes my makeup last longer. And it does take down the look of powder and emphasis Highlight as well.

Have you tried this product? Do you love it as much as I do? Or do you maybe think it’s over rated?

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