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June Favourites

I’ve missed a few favourites posts. Mainly because I usually missed the end of month & realise it’s the middle of the next month & it would just be silly!

So I got my act together this month & actually have it ready to go on time! Whoop Whoop!!

L’Oréal Infailable Blush Paints (pink):€17.99  This is a gorgeous palette. The blushes in it are beautifully pigmented. One of the colours makes a really nice subtle highlight. And an odd think I know it smells gorgeous. I have a full review on this here

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette:€14.49  This is such an affordable little palette. It has 4 highlighter shades in it, 3 powders 1 cream. The cream is beautiful for a subtle sheen. The 3 powder colours within vary from a yellow, lilac to a goldy peach. So really one for all occasions.

L’Oréal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil: €17.99 I had picked this up at the end of last summer but never really got into the swing of it. I pulled it back out this year & have really fallen in love with it. I use the ELF brush at the end of this post and use it before foundation around the perimeters of my face & onto the my cheeks & really gives me a natural looking healthy tan.

Bourjois Java Powder: €12.95 This powder has a pinkish tint and very finely milled sparkle/glitter. Stay with me! It’s not as bad as that sounds. It gives the skin a hint of irredesance that makes it seem super healthy & glowy.

e.l.f. Under Eye Setting Powder:€2.67 I absolutely love this under the eyes after putting on concealer. It sets it done but doesn’t dry them out. For less than 3 quid how could you go wrong! (bought on iHerb)

Catrice (name has totally rubbed off!) €5.50
– a lovely sheer corally colour that leave lips moisturised with a hint of a tint.

No 7 Precision Lip Pencil in Soft Blush €8.75  – this is the perfect summer shade for me. A sort of my lips but better and with a hint of an orange tone. 

Catrice Lip Stylo in Strobe in Rosewood- €5.50 – combined with the above lip liner this is my favourite summer pairing! It’s pigmented yet moisturising with a hint of a gloss in it. 

Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm €8.99 – I have all variations of this lip balm now and this peach one is perfect for summer time! 

Primark Foundation Palette:€2.00 I slip this on over my hand and pour my foundation onto it. It’s so handy. 😉

Eco Tools Make Up Sponge:€10.95 (smaller one included in set not shown) When I first opened this I thought it was going to be way too dense and hurt my face like so many other’s have. But once this is wet it is an absolute joy! It blends foundation so well without soaking up too much product & the straight edge is great for getting into nooks & cranny’s & cleans up eye makeup.

Real Techniques Under Eye Make Up Sponge:€6.25 (set of 2)This is prefect for blending out under the eyes & for targeted concealing.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Powder Brush:€33.99 down to €17.00 I have lusted after this for quite some time but always felt it was a bit pricey but I spotted it for half price & snapped it up & I’m so happy I did. It is so soft and fluffy!!! (Sam McCauley’s Chemist)

e.l.f. Large & Small Stipple Brushes:€4.67 & €2.67 I use the larger for the liquid Bronzer & the smaller for the cream Highlighter in the Sleek Palette. They are so cheap & cheerful & prefect for purpose!(bought on iHerb)

Zoeva Concealer Brush:€9.50 I am tempted to purchase the foundation version of this as it is fantastic for using with concealers.

Nuxe Prodigieux la Parfum:
I got this as a gift with purchase when buying the body oil from this range. I am rubbish at describing scents but this is deep, musky, sensual scent.

As for non Beauty favourites. I have been addicted to Line of Duty. I started from season  1 & binged up to date. I’ve been on a huge English detective show kick this year & am in dire need of a new one to get engrossed in now that it’s  finished.

Also really enjoying The Handmaids Tale. It’s a dysotopian tale that could be happening right now which is what makes it so terrifying!

Oh and Riviera had me totally engrossed even though I wasn’t a huge fan of Julia Stlies and her sour puss!

And my fav song of the moment is Miley Cyrus Malibu . It’s such a feel good summer tune. 

So that’s that. Finally! What have you been loving of late beauty or otherwise??



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