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Penney’s (Primark) are killing it!

Every time I go in to Penney’s I see something else that’s a dupe of something much more expensive and/or hard to come by.

Makeup application tools: I am absolutely in love with the double ended brushes. They never shed, wash brilliantly & apply product beautifully.

The paddle brushes are not as great but I just don’t think I like this style of brush in general. Maybe someday I’ll try a more expensive version & compare & contrast them.

I picked up the sili-sponges to see what all the fuss is about. I haven’t got around to trying them yet but the fact that Penney’s were so quick to jump on the bandwagon shows how they gave their finger on the beauty pulse.

The Beauty organiser is so handy for sticking my brushes into. And it is properly weighted so there’s no chance of it falling over.

The little circular stand is perfect for sitting my beauty blenders into so that they are not resting on my counter top.

The palette & spatula are geat for mixing & matching foundations or any kind of cream product. I also scrap some eyeshadow powder into it & mix with some Duraline to create eyeliners. The spatula is perfect for reaching in to bottles & jars to get the last of product out!

Shadow shields! They now have shadow shields!!! These are so handy for catching loose shadow but more importantly allowing you to be messy when applying eyeshadow & eyeliner. You can just peel them off when you’re finished & you have the prefect wing.

The Dry Blush Cleaner is perfect for swirling your brush in to kick off a colour off your brush & dip into another. It’s the prefect dupe for the Verona Colour Switch.

I use this little palette that you pop on your hand every day for putting on my foundation. It’s so handy. I used to always put my foundation on the back of my hand which was messy but this is so much better.

The Blend & Cleanse solid soap is BRILLIANT! It has totally changed my brush cleaning game. You just wet your brush, swirl it in the soap & then rinse it. I know some people have said that the soap moves around in the tub but this has never happened to me.

And last but not least my little brush cleaning pad for more stubborn makeup. After dipping into my soap I give the brush a gentle swirl around this & it helps dislodge any leftovers.

Obviously I haven’t even touched on the makeup dupes available. From Lip Kits to Highlighters & everything in between!

Have you tried any of these products? Is there some I’ve missed that I NEED to pick up?

I’d love to know 🙂 Please enable me 😀


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