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Note B.B. Cream Advanced Skin Corrector – Foundation Review

B.B. cream. What is a B.B. cream? No seriously I’m asking? When they first came out they were like a tinted moisturiser but with better coverage. But as time has gone by, in my opinion at least , they are now just foundations with a different name! Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Anyway onto the review. This B.B. cream claims to fade age spots and brighten your skin tone. Can’t say that I’ve noticed this to be fair!

I picked up 01 which is the lightest colour available but is still quite dark on me.

It is quite heavily scented, like Yardley or something but it does dissipate quickly.

The packaging is a tube, I prefer a pump but at least you can squeeze the majority of the product out and then cut it if I want.

It’s quite a thick formula, a little bit goes a long way. When I apply it I can feel it on my skin. Definitely not a lightweight formula.

I found the best way to blend it in was actually with my fingers, it gave the nicest result.

Once it’s blended in it is really beautiful on my skin. It’s a very skin like natural finish, with the most beautiful glow! But don’t let that make you think that equals light coverage cause it really is more a medium finish.

Overall I’m really enjoying this Foundation and get what all the fuss is about! By fuss I mean that Irish bloggers have really being hyping this one up , but I get it now.

This is lovely on its own for a few hours around town etc, but if I really want it to last I mix it with my Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation. I still get the beautiful dewy finish of this mixed with the Longevity of the Too Faced! Win win!



Have you tried this? Or have you tried any other products from Note? I’m curious about what else to buy after how much I enjoyed this!

2 thoughts on “Note B.B. Cream Advanced Skin Corrector – Foundation Review

  1. That looks nice , as u say one for casual ware . I’m more of a cc cream myself love the L’Oréal cc cream , it’s one I’ve repurchased lots of times live in fear of them discontinuing it . Thanks for review I keep seeing the note stand but never sure what to try .

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