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L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Concealer – a hidden gem.

Where is this range gone?? I picked this Concealer up in Boots in Galway that was on a stand dedicated to the Age Perfect makeup range which I though was wonderful that there was a range dedicated to more mature skin.

Apparently people didn’t agree with me cause the stand is now gone and there’s less and less of the range on the Boots site.

Has anyone heard if this range has been discontinued or not??

Anywho , onto the review. I absolutely love this concealer! Ok thanks bye!

Lol seriously though , this is a lovely light fluid and moisturizing concealer.

It blends like a dream and it doesn’t settle into fine lines …… much! Everything settles into lines eventually at my age!

The Flat paddle doe foot applies just the right amount of product.

The brightening effect is subtle and the colour you see in the bottle is very true to shade.

Overall this is a really Lovely formula. It’s long lasting without getting caky looking.

This is my absolute favourite concealer of the moment so I’ll be proper livid if it’s been discontinued 🤬🤬😭😭

Before & After

Have you tried this concealer? If so and it has been discontinued can you recommend anything like it? I don’t mind if it’s high end as long as it performs the same!!

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