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Declutter No 7- Eye Shadow Palette’s

I’ve been working through my Eyeshadow Palette’s to see what I wanted to keep and what I had duplicates of in my collection and what I just wasn’t reaching for and these are the ones I decided to declutter.

Sleek 24k Gold Palette: 

This wasn’t necessarily a bad palette I just never reached for it. I don’t go out a whole lot and this is what I would call a going out palette. Plus I always needed to have another palette with it to get a full look. If I could have depotted it I would have but Sleek Palettes are extremely hard to depot!

Millie Mackintosh Palette: 

Again this wasn’t necessarily a bad palette  I just never find myself reaching for smaller palettes and I have these colours in other bigger palettes. The quality was actually quite good but it was lost in my collection.

Catrice Poetry Collection:

There is a definite theme here! Small palettes are wasted on me. This was actually quite an unusual colour theme, quite cool toned which was a bit of an anomaly at the time and the quality was very good, but again I wasn’t reaching for it.

Catrice The Modern Matt Collection:

These are fantastic palettes but aside from the gorgeous plumy/mauve colour I had all the rest of the shades in other palettes. If you are only starting out your collection or don’t have theses colours in your collection I would actually highly recommend it.

PS Master Palette:

Sometimes I do really silly things for this blog. Like buy products I don’t need just so I have something to review. I’ve gotten better at this in recent months. But this was one of those purchases. The quality is actually so good for the price but I have the majority of colours in other palettes and the ones I don’t I just wasn’t willing to keep a palette around for.

ABH Modern Renaissance:

OK here is the big shocker for most people. I tried and tried to like this but it just didn’t work for me. I found it to be very dusty and my eyes were always sore and watering after use. I picked up the Wet N Wild version of this and actually kind of prefer it. I know this is a massive fan favourite and I am so in the minority but hey each to their own!

PS Nudes (Penney’s Primark):

Another example of me buying products to review. Some of these shadows were very good for the price and some weren’t. Again the vast majority I have in other, better palettes. I guess the saying “a fool and their money soon part” is very true in my respect!

Lancôme Auda(city) in London:

What an absolute dud! How could such an expensive product be so rubbish. The shadows in the Penney’s (Primark) palettes are far superior! This is completely baffling to me. How can these brands get it so incredibly wrong! Maybe it’s just me but I feel a lot of older brands like Lancome  & L’Oreal etc are way behind the curve when it comes to quality eye shadows, Indie brands are blowing them out of the water in my opinion.

What do you think?

Have you any of these palettes? Do you agree / disagree with me assessment of them? I’d love to know!

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