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Wet n Wild MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter – A Review.

This Highlighter is another Wet n Wild product I went on the hunt for as soon as I heard it was released in Ireland. I’d seen Youtubers across the water raving about them and was keen to give them a go.

I picked up two shades , Halo Goodbye and Guilded glow. Both are lovely colours, The darker I use in the summer and the lighter one I am using now that we are in autumn and what little colour I had has faded.

It has a Big ass doe foot applicator as seems to be the fashion these days,  I much prefer it to the dropper a lot of others seem to favour. I use it to just dot the product along my cheek bones before I blend it out.

As you can see from the Swatches these are very pigmented and glitter free! YAY!! The darker ( Guilded Glow)has a lovely gold base and the lighter (Halo Goodbye) is quite cool/ pink toned.

Like I said I dot it on with the wand & then blend it out with either my fingers or a sponge. I find it doesn’t shift my makeup underneath which some of these kind of products do.

But be careful, it dries really fast and is nearly impossible to blend once it does, it really bunches up. So I would recommend doing one side at a time instead of just dabbing on both sides and then blending.

Before & After. I’m wearing Halo Goodbye & It is definitely on the subtle side. You can build it up if you wish and is great as a base for a powder product to really blind everyone!

I’m not a fan of it down the nose , it’s just not flattering in my opinion. It seems to emphasis pores and doesn’t blend in as nicely for some reason. But  I really like it on the top of my cheeks, brow bone & top of brows.

As for lasting power, this is more of a product that I’d wear at the weekends, heading into town etc. If I just was to have a bit of a glow for a few hours they are fine. But I wouldn’t wear them on their own to work as they just wouldn’t last. But I would use them as a base for powder products for longevity.

Overall for the princely sum of €5.99 I feel these are really worth it. I’ve some dearer products that don’t perform as well.

Have you tried any of  these? Are you interested in them ? I love how affordable Wet n Wild is, even if your on a strict budget you can pick something up and have a bit of a play.

9 thoughts on “Wet n Wild MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter – A Review.

  1. Oh they look so pretty. I just find whenever I buy cream highlighters I never use them. They just go to waste, lately I threw out 5 cream highlighters because they were old and I never really used them. xx


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