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Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder – A Review

Who doesn’t love a highlighter especially one that doesn’t cost a fortune or that  isn’t full of glitter. As a lady (LOL) of a certain age I find glittery highlighters are not my friend. So when I finally saw these on my Local Wet n Wild stand I snapped them up.

These are quite a smooth powder that apply like a dream. I picked up Blossom Glow , which is a lighter colour and Precious Petals, a darker colour more suited to my skin tone in the summer.

The packaging is quite cheap but what do you expect for €5.99. It is annoying though that Blossom Glow is a bit of a mare to open.

Precious Petals on the left and Blossom Glow  on the right.

I use a dense brush to apply them to the top of cheeks and buff them in. They are not too powdery and leave a lovely sheen on the cheek, almost a wet look,

If you really want them to pop you can apply them over a liquid highlighter or wet your brush before applying.

I like my highlight on the subtle side as you can see above, I just like to have a bit of a sheen when the light hits it a certain way.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchases. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, whether I’m stuck for a few bob or just want to try something new, Wet N Wild always has something that won’t break the bank and is typically a pretty good product. They’re not all winners but at their price point it’s not the end of the world if their not!

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