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Empties No 12 (2018)

Makeup Empties.

KVD Ink Liner –

this dried out from lack of use. I gave it a good go but I just didn’t have the skill level for it I guess.

Repurchase – No

Essence LipLiner

– Nice enough and such an affordable product. I’ve moved on to the Bourjois lip liners which are creamier and more long lasting. A bit more expensive but worth it.

Repurchase – Maybe, if I hadn’t about 30 other lipliners to get through! It’s a problem.

NYX Brow Pencil

Really enjoyed this. Like the fine nib for precision. It’s not too hard or too soft.

Repurchase – Already have.

PS Cream Blusher

I loved that this was a sponge product at such an affordable price point. It was a beautiful colour and applied lovely. Not the longest lasting. But pretty non the less.

Repurchase – Can’t as its discontinued but I would if I could.

LOV Lip Gloss –

this was just ok. Pigmented, which is good , but a bit thick. And I wasn’t mad keen on the taste it left in my mouth.

Repurchase – No

Max Factor Healthy Mix Foundation

This was an OK foundation. I used as much as I could. Pump stopped working about halfway through so had to use a spatula for the rest. Quite a thick consistency.

Repurchase – No

L’Oréal Lumi Maquige

– I really enjoyed this product , gave a lovely glow under my foundation. Unfortunately L’Oreal discontinued it and brought out a new version of it that isn’t a patch on it!

Repurchase – Can’t , discontinued.

L’Oréal Infailable Fixing Spray

– I’m glad I’m finally finished this. The spray was good but the product itself left my skin feeling tight , alcohol no doubt. And the powder stuff didn’t always work out, it would leave little spots of product on my face.

Repurchase – Nope


Essence The False Lashes : Wouldn’t Repurchase

L’Oréal Lash Paradise (aka lash princess) : Already Repurchased!

Bourjois Volume Clubbing : Wouldn’t Repurchase

Too Faced Better Than Sex : Wouldn’t Repurchase

Benefit Roller Lash : Already Repurchased

Elizabeth Arden : Wouldn’t Repurchase.

I love the L’Oréal Lash Paradise worn in Conjunction with the Benefit Roller Lash , they are a great combo.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Concealer :

I wasn’t a fan of this, didn’t think it did much of anything for fatigue. Used it as extra coverage in the summer while I was using cc creams and tinted moisturisers.

Repurchase – No

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