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Penneys (Primark) Nudes Matte and Gloss Lip Collection

This is my last review from the Nudes range from Penney’s (Primark). They are launching a new K-Pop range which looks very cutesy. I picked up one or two bits but I feel like it’s aimed at a younger audience. I feel this range is more my speed 🙂

For €8.00 you receive 4 Lip Products.

First a Deep Pink Matte Lip Cream. This is my favorite of the bunch. The colour suits me and its comfortable on the lips. It smells like cupcakes which I like. As it wears off it leaves a nice stain on the lips.  I did notice though that the product pushes back up and out when you push the wand back in so the wand gets a bit messy. I did think it made me lips look a little dry though so they’d want to well moisturised before hand.

The light browney colour is too light for me. It looks orange on me, it made my look like patient Zero at the start of a Zombie movie! It’s a pity cause its a high shine lip gloss & I love gloss.

The lighter pink, a matte cream, was also too light. It looks darker in the tube but on the lips extremely light. I tried it over a darker lip color to try and either do an ombre lip or make my lips look plumper. But it just didn’t look good on me.

Finally we have another High Shine Lip gloss. In the tube it looks like it might be a duo chrome product. I thought, considering the colours included that it might pull pink over the pink colors & more peach over the peachier shades. But unfortunately it just pulls peach on top of all them which isn’t the most flattering on me. There’s no scent to this one at. When applying not a lot pf product comes out so you have to keep dipping back in and maybe get half a lip done at a time. It seemed to cause the actual lip color underneath to separate and go patchy. I expected a lot of iridescence from this product but it was very disappointing.

Top is wet & bottom is after drying.

This is what the lighter pink matte cream wand looks like when it’s all gunky.

Overall I just didn’t love this set as much as I thought I would. The colors separated after an hour or so. From the wands I thought they would be prettier colors. If you like these colors then this is a good value but the majority just didn’t suit me. Have you tried this set? Have you any interest in it?

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