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Empties No 9 (2018)

I’m telling you I am so focused this year on getting through my ridiculous stash! I apologise if these are not your cup of tea but I really want to document how much I have gotten through this year.

Dr Jart+ Firming Solution Sheet Mask: So. Here’s my issue with these. They are so MESSY! They come in two halves. Both halves have a clear sheet of plastic on one side and white on the other. They are loaded to the hilt with serum. Therefore it is nigh impossible to get them out of the packaging. There’s serum every where & a very frustrated and angry person trying to get it on her face & shouting at her husband to help, when he can’t possibly! There’s no help to to be had!! This mask nearly prompted divorce proceedings!

If the results were spectacular I might push through, but it’s not. So it neither delivers on claims nor is it a relaxing experience.

Repurchase? Hell NO!

Penney’s(Primark) Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask: See now these are nice & easy to apply, no muss no fuss. They go on easy. A nice amount of serum is present & they are relaxing to use. My skin just looks nice & hydrated after use. No miracles happening but for the price point & ease of use I just feel I can’t go wrong.

Repurchase? Have done multiple times.

Sephora Green Tea Eye mask: I may have went a little overboard when I was in Sephora in France last summer. I bought every mask they did whether I needed them or not, such was my excitement. This was a fine mask. I don’t know that I noticed any long term effects but if you had a big night out they would be perfect to put on before starting to get ready to give the eyes some hydration.

Repurchase? No cause I can’t.

Sephora Shea Lip mask: I feel like this is a bit of a gimmick. It was awkward to wear and I didn’t notice any benefits at all. If anything my lips felt a bit dried out!

Repurchase? No

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask: I have to say I really enjoyed this. Especially during this everlasting winter that we have been having. Between the cold & then the heat indoors my skin was absolutely gasping for hydration & this definitely quenched that thirst.

Repurchase? Yes but I’ll wait until winter time.

Yves Rocher Grapefruit & Thyme Bath & Shower Gel: This smelled divine. My skin never felt dry or itchy after use or if there was a residue left which can happen to me with some other washes. I though it was very comparable to The Body Shop but a fraction of the cost. I will definitely be stocking up when I’m back in France this year.

Repurchase? Absolutely

Clairol Nice & Easy Conditioner: This comes as part of the kit I use to dye my hair & I find it to be as good as any other conditioner I buy so I don’t see the point of spending that extra money!

Repurchase? Comes with my Hair Dye kit so yes.

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