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Penneys (Primark) Nudes Cream Highlight & Contour Kit

I’ve done a couple of reviews of the Nudes range Here and Here if you’re interested. This one is focusing on the cream contour kit from the range. Within the kit you get a double ended contour stick, double ended highlight stick , a brow highlighter and a double ended brush/sponge.

I was certain that the contour sticks would be way too dark for me. I was wrong! They blended out easy enough, not as easy as my NYX one. The lighter side is better on my skin tone.

The highlight stick isn’t amazing. The yellow side may suit a darker skin tone but it is very flat, there’s no shine to it at all. The other side has more “highlight” to it. It’s not the best I’ve ever used but certainly not the worst.

The brow highlighter was not bad at all. Probably the best product from the kit. It has a nice sheen to it without coming across as glittery. It works wonderfully as a base for inner corner highlight as well.

My only question with this is do people really use them any more? I remember when Benefit first came out with their version of this years ago it was all the rage but I feel they’ve kind of fallen of the beauty radar.

As for the brush, if it didn’t work for KKW then why would it work for Penney’s. It’s not horrendous. I actually use the brush end for applying cream stick highlighter & it works quite well for it. But the sponge end is just ridiculous!

I’ve swatched the products below so you can see what they look like. Would this be something you’d be tempted to pick up? I’m never gonna have the kind of money to spend on the KKW kit so this let me play for a fraction of the cost. I’m fully aware that the quality is probably no where near to the the original but that doesn’t really bother as I’m not a die hard contour-er!


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