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Penneys (Primark) Nudes Contour and Highlight Palette Review

Hi guys, how are we all today. I recently picked up some bits & bobs on the new Nudes Range. This particular item that I am reviewing today is the Contour & highlight kit.

It strikes me as being quite similar in layout etc to the Huda Beauty palette, although I’m sure the quality is no where near the same. I’m guessing they are also hitting up the Kim K W market as well!

It cost’s €6 and for that you get three highlighters & the darkest “contour” of life ! This is definitely a summer bronzer shade for me.

Having said that if you have a darker skin tone than my pasty paleness it might be right up your alley.

It’s cardboard packaging with a magnetic closing, but I wouldn’t trust it to travel with.


After swatching

I have to say I am a bit disappointed with this one. Charmed & Discreet, which are the two best suited to me skin tone, are not very pigmented at all.

I tried using Discreet as a blush topper but very little showed up & what did just made my skin look greasy instead of beautifully lit from within!

Charmed was a bit better but had to use quite a lot & even had a cream highlighter (review to come) underneath, which should have had me glowing to the gods. What show up though did last a good 6 hours.

Empowered is gorgeous & I could probably use it as an eyeshadow (I did, it was lovely) but I can’t see me keeping the whole palette when I have eye shadows in my collection to do the same thing.

The bronzer, (I’m sorry I can’t call it a contour), once I tapped off my brush & then tapped the brush against the inside of my wrist to take off the extreme excess, actually didn’t look too bad. It blended well and did a good job of warming up my face without looking muddy.

Picture of palette after using bronzer with a brush :

Overall I much prefer the palette they brought out last season. It was more pigmented & just prettier overall.


8 thoughts on “Penneys (Primark) Nudes Contour and Highlight Palette Review

      1. I always do my eyebrows first, then my face. I think of it as a blank canvas and applying coverage to give myself an even appearance, and then go from there. So you don’t have to do your eyes first, it just helps to press the brush against your hand first to remove excess pigment. 🙂


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