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Penney’s (Primark) Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review.

I had noticed on a lot of Irish Social Media sites that Penney’s (Primark) were issuing a new range called “Nudes”. I was curious so when I was in Penney’s in Galway last week I picked up a few bits. The first item I am going to review is the eyeshadow palette.

It cost’s €10.00 for 28 Shades. 14 Shimmer 14 Mattes (some kind of satin finish, especially in the darker shades)

On Swatching them, I noticed that the mattes were quite powdery but soft & creamy to the touch. The shimmers were for the most part also quite buttery but there were one or two that were a tiny bit rough & scratchy. In particular , 2nd row down , 3rd colour in.

Both Mattes & shimmers seemed to be quite pigmented but of course the real test is on the eye’s.

After Swatching you can see that a lot of the mattes in particular have quite a bit of kick up.

I also noticed that the packaging on the base in bewteen shadows have quite a lot of cracks which is worrying – I don’t think I’d be travelling anywhere with it.

I’m still trying to master the art form that is the close up eye look – I haven’t quite succeeded here but I shall persevere!

I applied about seven different colours to create this look. Some blended OK, others proved a bit harder and needed a bit of elbow grease to get them to work.  SOme colours got lost in the blend & had to be reapplied.

They are very pigmented – the darker ones nearly too much so, you need to really tap of your brush and go in with a light hand.

Both Matte & shimmers were actually very powdery & I had a lot of fall out. Really recommend doing your eyes first with this one as it’ll ruin your foundation.

I used an Essence eye shadow primer but no glitter glue or anything like that.

To my surprise when I went in for a close look at the six hour mark I was actually liking the look even more. It’s like when the products had sat for a while & mixed with my natural oils they just seemed to come alive – I’ve experienced this before with other Penney’s (Primark) Palettes.

There was no creasing – again shocking to me nor did it loose any intensity of colour.

My eyes can be prone to irration & weeping but I had none of that with this palette & I did use it right against bottom & top lash lines.

This is what the palette looked like After using, you can see what I mean about the powder. Then again I’m a brush swirler, maybe if you’re more of a dabber you’d be fine 🙂

Overall I’m happy enough with the palette especially for the price.

Have you tried any of the range? Do you think they are worth it for the price? I think they’d be great for someone with a limited range & budget cause they is a load of different looks you can create, especially for day to day wear.

22 thoughts on “Penney’s (Primark) Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review.

    1. The thing is I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and it’s just as powdery if not more so and is regarded as one of the best palettes by so many so it’s thought me not to judge a palette by its powderyness ( lol I totally just made that word up 😀)

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  1. I picked up some bits from this range but I was undecided on this palette. I’ve never been overly impressed with their eyeshadow and some of the colours don’t really call to me. but then again, it’s so cheap it’s probably worth it just for a few shades!

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  2. The colors look so nice, I love almost all of them! I’d love to try this palette, especially for this price it may be worth it, even if not all the shades will work for me. I’ll definitely check it out if I see it in Primark.

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    1. Like I said I’m a major brush swirler! Probably a bit tougher than I should be but it doesn’t bother me that much, I can just tap off and carry on. Also with the price and quantity of batches they make it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some little differences from palette to palette.


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