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Ps My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation – Review

I finally got around to picking up this supposed Dupe for Estée Lauder Double Wear in my local Penney’s (Primark). It cost me the princely sum of €6 and I picked up the shade Ivory. It claims to have “double coverage, matte finish & to be oil free”. It also has SPF 15.

It comes in a glass bottle with no pump. The cap is odd. You have to twist it first and then pull it off. You have to pull hard & therefore some product can spill out if your not careful.

Over the course of a week I used a flat brush, buffing brush & sponge to apply it to see which is best. I’ve also used primers, luminous base, oil & nothing at all.

Initial application I found it to be very thick & sets very quickly. You need to move fast. It sticks to the skin more or less straight away. This is NOT easy to blend.

The buffing brush followed by a damp sponge seemed to give me the best application.

I found that it really gathered around the nose. From a distance the skin looks good. But up close it grabs onto all my dry patches. Ones I didn’t even know I had. The purpose of foundation is to make me look better not worse! It also separates on my skin after just an hour 😳.

Also I can really feel it on my skin which isn’t pleasant.

One thing it does do is hide my pores. And the colour is a good match on me. The only way to not have it looking flaky is with a face oil underneath and even then there are still one or two flaky spots. And then, even without oil application underneath I also noticed that after about 5 hours I had some serious oil coming through on my T-Zone!

Overall I’m just not a fan of this. Perhaps if you had an oilier skin type this might suit you better than it does me. It leaves my skin looking flat & dull & I’m just not into it.



So you can see it does cover up a lot of my redness & pores.

Full Face of Makeup:

(Why do I look so cross! )

Have you tried this? Did it work out for you? Is there a certain way you apply it that makes it look good? I’m not gonna be devastated to pass it on at this price but I still like to try and make things work if I can. I might try mixing it with something else & see how that goes.

22 thoughts on “Ps My Perfect Colour Longwear Ultimate Matte Foundation – Review

  1. I have this and I know I liked it on first use (I also picked up the one with the dropper and I didn’t like that). I’ve been meaning to do a testing Primark foundations post so I need to give it another go and decided what I really think!

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