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Maybelline Superstay 24 Full Coverage Foundation – Review

I believe this is a reincarnation of this product. I don’t remember ever trying the original. But I’ve seen lots of great reviews on it & wanted to give it a go.

I went for 05 Light Beige which in hindsight wasn’t the best choice. It’s a shade too pale for me and as such I don’t think it gives me an accurate representation of the product. I might try it in a shade darker.

This one has yellow tones in it & I don’t think I noticed any with pink tones. Tones don’t bother me too much as I am a neutral skin tone so I can get away with either.

The bottle itself has a pump which I always appreciate & it would seem there is no excuse nowadays for products  not to have one.

The product  is a little bit thick, when I put it on my hand it doesn’t run anywhere. It blends out quite easily. I apply with a brush and then finish off with a sponge as I do with the majority of my foundations.

On the skin, it looks matte but can still see a bit of glow popping through , which I like.

The coverage is to my eye medium. It’s not too thick or feels too heavy on the skin. But I can see redness peeking through & the pores on my nose do seem to be emphasised & this gets worse as the day goes on. I tried building it up in area’s where I needed more coverage but didn’t really see an improvement.

As the day goes on I notice that around my chin the foundation is breaking down. I tried it for a full week with different primers underneath & one day none at all. Every time I had a similar experience.

I guess I was expecting a similar finish & longevity as my Revlon Colorstay Foundation. But it doesn’t even come close!

I’ve yet to try mixing it with other foundations. I’m hoping I’ll get some use out of it this way as it should lighten some darker ones for me.

Have you tried this foundation yet. Did it work out for you? If so how did you use it, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

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