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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in new colour 05

Hurray! Maybelline have finally brought out one of their must famous concealers in a wider range of shades! Finally. They’ve introduced one very light shade & it seems like 3 darker shades (now maybe they were available before but I had just never seen them in store) But yeah the 05 is definitely new!

I had tried this before & while I had liked the formula the colour was just too dark for under the eyes. And as the formula was a bit too thin for use on spots I had to let it go.

First and foremost it has what is a fairly standard now doe foot applicator. It pulls a small bit of product at a time so I have to dip back in a few times to cover my eye area. I don’t mind this as it stops me from over applying the product.


It blends out so easily. It looks at first that it’s going to be thick but once I take my sponge to it it gives a nice thin layer. Notice I said thin. If you suffer from really dark deep blue under eye circles you are going to need some sort of colour corrector underneath. But I don’t suffer too badly and this is enough for me. It brightens the under eyes beautifully for me.

It takes powder well as well which is extremely important to me. It doesn’t sit overly into my many fine lines. I am realistic in my expectations in this area. I’m 39. There are gonna be fine lines no matter what I do! That’s just a fact of life. It doesn’t emphasis them & that’s really all that matters to me.

I have this on for the bones of 14 hours every day & it still hangs on in there. I did notice though that it bunches a bit on my inner corners. But I can get over that when it’s been on for this long.

Overall I really enjoyed this. It is a light creamy formula that is comfortable on my under eyes & does what I need from this type of product. I have used it through the center of my face as well & it does a great job highlighting my face.

Have you tried this concealer? Have you compared it to it’s supposed dupe the Nars Creamy Concealer? I don’t think I’ll ever be purchasing that one as it’s so expensive but I am curious as to how they compare.

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