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Perfume Dupes! Are they any good?

I’ve often seen on blogs or ad’s etc that Lidl, Aldi or Penney’s (Primark) have dupes for perfumes & to rush out and get them before they are snapped up!

I wondered could they possibly be as good or even come close to the scent so I recently picked up two to see what the fuss was about.

First I was in Penney’s & saw that they had the Mandarin & Basil Eau de Parfum that is supposed to be a dupe for the Jo Malone perfumes.

Then while doing my shopping in Lidl I spotted a number of perfumes. I sniffed a few & was immediately drawn to the Aura De Aquamarina which smelled nearly identical to an old favourite of mine Acqua Di Gio by Georgia Armani.

First up the Acqua Di Gio dupe. I have loved the original for years but haven’t purchased it cause it’s pricey & I usually only really use two perfumes a year , autumn/winter and then spring/summer.

Anywho, I digress. The minute I sniffed this I thought of the original straight away. It was €4.99 for 100ml so definitely worth giving it a go. I’ve worn for about 5 days in a row now & I absolutely love it. I can still scent it on my skin at the end of the day but it’s not overwhelming.

The packaging is quite nice as well, it’s a glass bottle that fades from light mint green/blue to clear and I am happy for it to be seen on my vanity.

I had a little sniff of the others but I didn’t recognise them but then they weren’t my type of scent so I probably wouldn’t have known them anyway.

I would highly recommend popping in & checking them out before they are gone. For €4.99 I think it’s hard to go wrong. I was often skeptical about these kind of dupes but I am converted!

Onto the Jo Malone dupe. I have often went in to Brown Thomas to sample these before never LOVED any of them enough to drop that kind of money on them. So when I heard about these in Penney’s I decided to give them a whirl.

I’m not as big a fan of this but I think that is down to personal taste. It is a more masculine scent , veering on soapy. I still like it but it’s not love. It’s also quite strong & present if that makes sense.

The packing is quite chic and classic, nothing to be ashamed of & it is a lovely size for the handbag.

I popped this on one morning & went in to BT’s to compare to the original. While not note prefect they are extremely close. If you were hankering after the original but it is out of your budget these are definitely worth a go. The scent again lasts all day.

Having said that, it’s no where near as good value as the Lidl one as it is €4.00 for only 20ml which would make it €20 for 100ml. But still considerably cheaper than the original!

Have you tried any of these? Did you like them or would you rather pay for the full price original??

11 thoughts on “Perfume Dupes! Are they any good?

  1. I haven’t tried any of those specifically, but I did find a dupe for Angel at Rite Aid which was $5. It does smell the same. In fact, it may even be a bit stronger. I think some are really worth it, because you are basically paying for the name brand.

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  2. This is a great idea- most people try for make up dupes, but perfume dupes are a fantastic idea! Perfume is all about the chemistry of your skin, so a cheaper scent may very well work for you- I would say it’s definitely worth a shot, especially at those prices!!

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