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Declutter no 2 of 2018

January 2018

Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in Fair Light – I’ve had this in my collection for nearly 5 years now. It was my work powder (for touching up throughout the day) . I’ve hit serious pan on it and definitely got my money’s worth. Time to move on.

NYX Matte not Flat Powder Foundation – This has been in my collection for about 3 years and I just don’t like it. I find it too heavy. I’ve used it steadily for the last Too months and have given it a fair go.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer – Again this was as a concealer I kept in work to touch up my makeup. It was relegated to work wear as it was too drying under my eyes. But at this stage it’s been open for over 3 years and needs to go.

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation – I actually quite like this foundation but had neglected it and now it’s gone bad. It oxidized really badly, like about three shades darker! So lesson learned , only buy and open one if I am going to use it consistently. This was open less than two years but obviously this formula doesn’t last.

Catrice Cosmetics Luminous Lips in Wood Rose Propose & Brigitte Loves Bordeaux – Catrice Lipsticks as a whole are a lovely moisturizing lipstick. Obviously they don’t last long but the colour is pretty and opaque. I would Repurchase if I hadn’t so many others in my collection. I have these over Five years and feel they are at the end of their life. They owe me nothing.

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Whimsical Fantasy – Eh. It was Ok. I got a few of them on sale. I wouldn’t Repurchase. Again theses and the ones below are around the 4 year mark and at the end of their life.

Bourjois Jumbo Lipstick in Fuchsia Libre – This was actually a beautiful colour and a nice formula. There is only a small bit left but the formula seems to have changed.

Rimmel Colour Rush – Another I wasn’t overly impressed with. It was a red with a hint of pink. Just wasn’t particularly flattering. Wasn’t long wearing as it suggested and I didn’t enjoy the feel of it. To the bin with it!

Soap & Glory Sexymotherpucker Gloss Stick in Pink Punch – This is one of soap & glory’s products that has a slight minty tingle to it. I didn’t find that it plumped my lips and it wasn’t the best shade for me.

Flormar Lipliner – I liked the colour and formula of this but it was impossible to sharpen. I tried different sharpeners. But it was never smooth and there were loads of little splinters constantly. So I’ve given up.

Revlon Ultra Hd Lipstick in Rose – There’s very little left of this as I loved the texture and colour of it. I’ve I think this is on of the few I might Repurchase.

Essence Matt Matt Matt in 03 Wow Effect – This was a tad too dark for me.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer – I had a couple of these blushes and have come to the conclusion I don’t like how glittery they are. I know they are a fan favourite but I prefer my blushes matte or to have a slight sheen to them.

Dove Youthful Vitality Thickening Essence – I needed this to work as my hair is quite thin. But the applicator is messy. It’s hard to direct it exactly where you want it to go. The spray nozzle isn’t fine or direct enough. It just kept going everywhere on me. My shoulders and even items behind my would be drenched.

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