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Empties no 3 (2018)

Coming to you with a short & sweet empties post this time, some hair care & fragrance.

Soap & Glory Scent-Sational Dry Shampoo: This wasn’t half bad. The smell was gorgeous if you like the scent that Soap & Glory tend to have and as a dry shampoo it did it’s job. Didn’t leave much of a white cast which doesn’t bother my anyway cause I usually put it on the night before without brushing it out to really soak up any oils. I did feel I went through it faster than I would the same size Batiste can.

Repurchase? Yes

L’Oreal Elseve Total Repair 5 : I pick this up when I am in France. For some reason it’s not available here in Ireland. It’s a mask of sorts. You can use it for a couple of minutes or as a longer treatment. It leaves my hair incredibly soft & shiny.

Repurchase: Yes when I’m in France in the summer.

Schwarzkopf Got-2-B Styling Oil: This was as good as any other oil’s that I use in my hair. I’ve yet to find one that sets my world on fire.

Repurchase: Probably not, there are others on the market I’d like to try.

Sanctuary Spa Classic: This is technically a room spray but I love the scent so much that I used it as a perfume 😀 I truly love the smell of this range, especially in the winter time.

Repurchase?: They actually have body sprays now so I would purchase that.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria: I had two samples of this perfume & I’ve just finished the second one today. I liked it but not enough to want to go out and buy a full size bottle of it.

Repurchase?: No

PS Blend & Cleanse(Penney’s / Primark) : I absolutely love these for cleaning my makeup brushes & sponges. It is a solid soap and I swirl my damp brush in it, use on of those ridged pads that I also got from Penney’s (Primark) and then rinse. They are spotless and still in perfect working order. These are a fraction of the cost of ones other companies have out.

Repurchase?: Have 3 on backup!

5 thoughts on “Empties no 3 (2018)

  1. I’ve never seen those sponge cleaners in Primarks here! I loved my brush bath from Freedom so I’m looking for something to replace it with, hope we get them. I have some of the shadow switch ones for removing shadows on brushes

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