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Erborian Korean Skin Care Therapy – worth the hype?

I can’t remember where I first heard about this range but it was definitely only this year. I was intrigued enough to look into it more and when I realised it was a French / Korean hybrid I made sure I kept an eye out for it when I was in France, in particular the CC Cream which I really wanted to try out. So when I spotted them in Sephora & in travel sizes I thought win win!

Glow creme :Glow Cream brightens the skin and helps blur the imperfections, for a fresh complexion in a single step.This cream with multiple benefits and illuminating effect offers a finish as visibly perfect, fresh as the morning dew. From the application, Glow Cream helps to reveal the radiance of the complexion, which seems to subtly reflect light, as a “holographic effect”. Enriched with licorice extract, Glow Cream helps to illuminate, sublimate and hydrate while helping to smooth the skin. Subtly pearly, your skin looks bright, with a radiant “ultra-radiant” effect.

This one has a more gentle scent to it. The swatch looks a bit scary but when applied to the face it’s much more subtle which I am glad of. Skin looks brighter & illuminated without looking shiny or unnatural. It also does manage to blur the pores quite a bit.

When I applied foundation over the top the luminosity just comes through as a healthy natural glow & the foundation itself sits nicely on top. Overall I really enjoyed this & will definitely use it up.

Pink perfect Creme 4 in 1: “Secret glow”: one of the secrets of perfect Korean skin.
With our exclusive active ingredients from Korea, our multi-Cream 4-in-1, Pink Perfect Cream helps: 1. Instantly blur imperfections, 2. Reduce the appearance of pores,
3. Make your complexion more radiant, 4. Prepare your skin for make-up.
Your skin is hydrated, visibly smoother, more radiant with a “pink morning” effect.

So on initial application I found the scent of this to be quite strong in a flowery perfume that your gran might wear kind of way. But thank god it dissipates once it’s rubbed in.

If felt a tad on the greasy side but it did have a small bit of pore refining & blurring going on but nothing mind blowing. I put it on one side of my face under my foundation to try & really see a difference. Unfortunately there really wasn’t one. My foundation looked practically the same. It was perhaps a tad more glowy.

Overall I’m glad I bought the smaller version of these. Even at €15.50 it’s still pricey but I would have been seriously cut up if I’d bought the full size at €35.

CC Creme: High Definition Skin Perfecting Face Illuminator. This multiple care is a “High Definition” illuminator.  CC Cream in a fine texture, has been formulated to fit your skin, to unify and enhance your complexion. Enriched with Centella Asiatica, CC Cream helps to bring shine, protection and hydration, helps to unify and camouflage fine lines of dehydration and helps to refine visibly the grain of skin. Bright, gentle, visibly more beautiful, your skin is like perfect, in “High Definition”.

I’m so enthralled with this. The way it changes from white to my skin tone when rubbed in!! Witchcraft 😀

This is perfect for a day you don’t want to wear any makeup but still want to look a step above from death!

Of all three this is my favourite & the one I would consider buying the full size of. I would get a lot of wear out of it, especially in the summer time.

Have you tried anything from this range? If so did you enjoy it or no? If not are you tempted or intrigued by the range?

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