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Declutter – products not working out for me

In my quest to thin out the herd, I have been focusing, in more recent times, to either use up or declutter my stash. The following are products that just don’t bring any joy to my life but someone else may get some use & enjoyment out of them.

Make Up Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray:

The spritz was good on this but that was about all. It doesn’t feel nice on my skin. It makes it feel tight & uncomfortable. I didn’t like the smell. Probably because it has a lot of alcohol in it which in turn makes my skin feel tight. It claims to keep foundation & eye shadow in place with no smudging or fading , not in my case!

Cien Tropical Summer Self-Tanning Cream from Lidl:

I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t even try this but I have way too many gradual tanners. Some like my Bondi Sands are way more expensive & therefore are a priority to use up. There was no point in this sitting in a drawer feeling rejected so I’m going to let it off to a new forever home!

PS Brushes & Sili Sponges:

These are some brushes from Penney’s/Primark. These can be hit & miss. I have a load that are an absolute hit. These 2 brushes unfortunately I have similar & better in my arsenal & and the sponges really are rather silly!

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit: 

This was supposed to  be an absolute triumph of the drugstore. A comfortable Liquid lipstick! An oxymoron surely. I have to throw in the towel at this stage. Me and liquid Lipsticks are just never gonna happen 😦 This really was “it’s not you it’s me”.

PS Pro Longwear Lip Liner Pen:

This was the oddest thing. It looked like an eyeliner but was a lip liner. The colour unfortunately didn’t suit me and when I went back to see if there was another available they were discontinued. Which was a pity cause I quite liked the idea of them.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Sweet Pink: 

The colour of this was pretty but I wasn’t a fan of the formula & pencil. It was quite dry & scratchy on my lips.

Catrice Eyeliner pen: 

I’ve realised that Gel liner is where it’s at for me but I had to kiss some frogs before I found my prince. So this can go onto to someone who actually has some make up skills & can make this look easy!

Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle: 

This is the result of one of those moments where I thought I was totally hip & down with the kidz. I was sure I could rock this on the lower lash line in the summer as a fun pop of colour. No. No I cannot.

Millie Mackintosh Luxe Glow Face Illuminator:

I was not a fan of this. There is quite a lot of glitter visible on the skin & to the touch it feels loaded with dimethicone. To be fair this kind of product is not my favourite in general so it would have needed to be pretty special to impress me. It came as part of a kit, I wouldn’t have picked it up if it was on its own.

Vichy Idealia BB Cream: 

This has a very thin consistency.  I found it hard to apply. It just seemed to move around my face whether I used a brush, sponge or fingers. It was streaky & took a lot of work to get it to look even & blended. It gave barely any coverage & even though I tried to build it up there was no joy. It was smeary & patchy and definitely more on the tinted moisturiser end of the scale & not a good one. It say’s in the description that it’s a tinted formula, they shouldn’t then be marketing it as a BB cream in my opinion. This didn’t last on my skin & got patchy looking as the day went on.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette:

I tried to love this. I wanted to love this. When the sorceress at the Urban Decay stand used this on me it looked amazing. But I never really managed to recreate the magic at home. The bronzer is a tad too warm for me and has sparkle in. The highlighter isn’t pigmented at all & the blush was just OK.

L’Oréal La Palette Nude: 

I picked up this & the next palette down when I was on the hunt for a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I didn’t enjoy this. I didn’t find it particularly pigmented & everything just seemed to blur together.

Makeup revolution Palette: 

As above I was on the hunt & this just didn’t fit the bill. It’s not a bad palette per say I just never find myself reaching for it. I have the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette & that covers me when I want something from this colour wheel.

Catrice Highlighting Pearls: 

I should never have bought these as they are just too fussy for me & that was always going to be the case. But they were shiny & pretty & calling to me! They get stuck in any brush but a very small one & the small brush just puts a streak of highlighter on.

Bourjois Universal Illuminating Powder:

I really tried to love this product I had even convinced myself that I did. I even put it in a favourites! Have you ever done that? Because every one else loves something you feel you should too & convince yourself of it! But there was just too much glitter in it for my liking, maybe it’s a case as the further down through the product I got the more glitter was sitting in the bottom?? I’m not sure but I have other powders I prefer.

7 thoughts on “Declutter – products not working out for me

  1. So many products… so much money… but hey, if it isn’t working for you, there’s no point keeping all this stuff is there!!! I try (TRY) not to buy so much these days, but that isn’t always easy… I used to buy heaps of cheap eyeshadow palettes, but I’m done with them and invested in one palette from Urban Decay… I used to buy heaps of lipsticks, but now I try to use them up before buying a similar product… but believe me, sometimes I’m just too weak to say no 😀

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    1. I have learned my lesson! I went a bit crazy for a while with buying products. Since August I’ve been more focused on using my stash then adding to it. It’s really helped me realize what I do and don’t like & how long Products actually last! I’ve been focusing on one concealer for example and feel like it’s a magical ever lasting tube !!


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