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Penneys (Primark) Master Palette 

Lads. LADS. Seriously – this palette! I am in love!! I’m such a cheap date 🙂

Recently when in Penney’s (Primark) I spotted this palette & the colours really called to me. At €8 I thought why not! It is such an autumnal colour scheme and I haven’t much in my collection like it(lol who am I kidding).

I cannot get over how pigmented these are. These are all just one swipe swatches. there is the perfect mixture of mattes & shimmers and both are fantastic. Yes there is some kick up but  to be fair less so than in my Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette.

Even with the kick up when I was applying these there was no fall out, I couldn’t believe it. I used the 2 mattes from the middle row & they blended together beautifully.

I then went in with the 3rd shimmer in the last row, a plumy maroon, on the outer 2/3rds of the lid & back into the middle row and the third one along just above which is a bit lighter on the inside 3rd.

Finally I went in with the 1st colour in the palette on the inner corner and the top of the brow bone. The only colour I didn’t use from the palette was a matte white which unfortunately was not included. But hey ho for 8 quid you can’t have it all!

I was absolutely thrilled with how this look turned out. It was actually one of those looks that as the day went on & it settled in, looked nicer & nicer. I have quite hooded eyes & so was quite surprised at how well the shimmer shades stayed on my mobile lid.

After 9 hours these were still looking really good. They were worn a tiny bit around the hoods but I have more expensive palettes that are gone after 4 hours!

If ye spot one of these palettes that’s not broken (the down side of Primark sometimes) snap it up, its amazing. My eyes are so sensitive & usually weep even with more expensive eyeshadows and not a tear was shed! Thrilled. I have since picked up the other one that was there which is more browns, golds & bronzes, and it’s just as good.


15 thoughts on “Penneys (Primark) Master Palette 

  1. I’m so glad I read this! I’ve been wondering about Primark’s make up and if it was any good, I bought some false nails and eyelashes from there the other day. Not tried them yet but at £1 each it’s not a huge loss if they are rubbish ha!

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