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Blank Canvas Master Series Palette – First Impressions

I had been hankering after this palette for a while. But I am a swatcher. I’m not keen on buying online without trying. So when this brand arrived into my local Pharmacy I finally swatched it & took the plunge.

This is a neutral, predominantly matte palette. Goddess is the only shimmery one. These eye shadows are so creamy to the touch & I have to say that they blend out like a dream. The pigmentation is through the roof! There are both cool toned & warm toned shades included but all firmly rest in the brown category.

The double ended brush you receive isn’t bad. It normally retails for €12 approx. As far as brushes that come with  palettes go this is one of the better ones.

As you can see from the swatches there are some fantastic brown neutrals here but that is also the downside of this palette. There isn’t that many looks that you can get out of this, well not me and my limited skills anyway. But if you are looking for a palette that is a great basics palette then this is perfect. A couple of pops of colour would have made this more interesting for me. 

The quality is great & this is a great basics palette to have in my collection. I don’t regret purchasing it but I wouldn’t repurchase. I have a lot of these colours in my considerable palette collection.

Have you tried this palette? Do you enjoy it? If not , do you want it in your collection?


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