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Mini Wet N Wild Haul/Review

I swear I can’t pass a Wet n Wild stand without picking up a few bits. They’re just so damn cheap & cheerful that hey are the prefect little pick me up even when you are supposed to be on a spending ban (oops!)

When I saw that my local stand got in the Photo Focus Powders I just had to pick them up. I love the foundation & had seen good reviews online. I really wanted the concealer as well but alack & alas they didn’t have my shade 😦

The Highlighter in Precious Petals was another must have according to beauty guru’s everywhere so in to the basket it went.

The face powders don’t really show up in the swatches. I went for a light colour for all over the face & I had seen a few YouTubers use the darkest shade as a bronzer for pale skin of which mine is pasty!

This such a lovely finely milled powder that I just can’t get over it. I think it was just under the €5 mark and if I had used these blind I would never have guessed. They smooth onto the face beautifully & take down shine without making the skin look flat. Not a cake face in site. And although they may not last all day they touch up so nicely that it really doesn’t bother me.

The darker one is the exact same in consistency, and although a little light for me at present, will be perfect in winter for warming up my face without looking tangoed!

L to R Highlighter Precious Petals, Photo Focus Warm Light, Photo Focus Golden Tan

Onto the one everyone no doubt is waiting on……The Highlighter! I’ve seen so many youtubers comment on how it’s a dupe for nearly everything & how it performs like any highend highlighter.

I don’t know if I agree with that. I have Becca in Opal & that thing is INTENSE! This, I suppose, could be made that way if you were to wet your brush, but overall it is more subtle. Or at least mine is.

I also find that it doesn’t last as long on my skin as say my The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. But if you were looking to get started in the highlighting world or didn’t want to spend a fortune for one than you really can’t go wrong with this for €5.25!

Buyer beware, if you have pigmentation etc on your skin this is really going to emphasis it!!!

For me the absolute star of the show – Mascara! I have to say that I am constantly on the search for a great mascara & I seem t have found a few now within this range.

What I expect from a mascara is as follows:

  • Don’t Smudge/Flake
  • Hold a Curl
  • Separate Lashes
  • Make me look like Bambi.

Not much to ask for I don’t think!

I Digress. I tried out the Lash Renegade first. As you can see from the picture, this has an odd ball attached to the top of it. I wasn’t keen at the start but once I got used to it I found that it really gets in to the corners of the eyes & under eyes really well.

The formula is nice, not too wet so doesn’t go all over my eyeballs. The plastic wand definitely separates & lengthens my lashes & it held a curl well for about 6 hrs. There was no smudging or flaking (whoop whoop) , even though it doesn’t claim to be waterproof which is usually the formula required for me not to have smudgy/flaky mascara.

So I am happily going to add this to my minuscule list of mascara’s that I will repurchase. The others being MAC Extended Play for bottom lashes &  Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

Next up was the Mega Length. This has a thinner wand & my hopes in purchasing it was that it would be a cheaper alternative to the MAC Extended Play.

This is another winner. It does exactly what it says. You can really see the length straight away. It also separates the lashes nicely. Isn’t amazing at holding a curl but then again it doesn’t claim to. I had this on both my upper & lower lashes and there was a teeny tiny bit of smudging but that was more down to me having a cold and sneezing like crazy & rubbing my eyes. Taking that into consideration this actually did really well. I am happy to continue using this on my lower lashes as intended.

My only issue with is was that it was actually quite hard to take off. I usually use a cleansing oil & that will suffice to remove the majority of my eye makeup and then my cleanser will take the rest. But I had to go in with an oil based eye makeup remover a couple of times and was alarmed to notice a lot of lashes on my cotton bad (I am extremely gentle when doing anything with my eyes, I don’t rub or pull & drag!)

And finally Liquid Catsuit in Nudist Peach. Let me start with saying I’m not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks. I want the longevity they promise but I struggle with the dryness and they can look so crap when they dry down. But again these have been raved about so into the fray once more!!

So. It works in that it doesn’t give me the dreaded Butt Hole lips. It’s actually one of the more comfortable ones I have tried. I topped it off on another day with a lip gloss & found this to be even more enjoyable to wear.

When I ate it did lift off around the inside part of my lip, I had some colour around the edges & because this was so pale you didn’t really notice unless looking up close.

My only issue with this is that I picked the wrong colour 😦 It’s way too light for me and makes me look washed out & as if I have concealer lips. I’m thinking though, for €5 I could spring for another colour & see how I get on.

So that’s it. All my thoughts on the new bits & bobs .Have you tried any of these? Are there bits that I didn’t pick up that you would recommend? I’d love to know. Please enable me.


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