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Bourjois Concealer’s – Hit or Miss

Having read & watched a lot of people rave about these 2 concealers I thought I’d give them a go myself.

First up is :

Radiance Reveal:


Correction – radiance – skincare. It conceals imperfections, dark circles and puffiness for a fresh and radiant look. An instant skincare action: enriched with Mont Blanc glacier water & hyaluronic acid, it visibly smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines and hydrates the under eye area for up to 24 hours.

I think the packaging on this is lovely, very chic. The frosted glass bottle & silver top are beautiful & the Doe Foot applicator distributes the product nicely.

Some people have said they love the scent of this but I didn’t really notice any aside from a normal make up smell. And I am very sensitive to smells normally so not sure what that’s about. And I’m glad cause my eyes can run if something is too scented near my eye & they didn’t run at all with this so thumbs up!

It has really good coverage & is very brightening. It blends out beautifully with a damp mini sponge & leaves a hint of a glow to the skin. I have to say the shade is a prefect match for me.

They was some creasing in the fine lines as the day went on but this was minimal in comparison to some others. My under eye did feel hydrated but I wouldn’t say that it smooths away wrinkles & fine lines, it’s not a miracle in a bottle!!

Overall I get what the fuss is about, this is a lovely concealer.

Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue:

L-Healthy Mix R-Radiance Reveal


Reveal a rested and radiant complexion with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer; a skin-correcting formula that effortlessly covers imperfections to deliver a flawless visage. Gliding onto areas in need of additional coverage, the liquid concealer eliminates the appearance of dark circles, blemishes and discolouration.

Harnessing a fruit therapy formula for an anti-fatigue effect, the foundation boasts Apricot extract to boost skin’s radiance, Melon extract to deliver essential moisture and Raspberry extract to improve micro-circulation. Instantly brightening dull skin, the concealer revives skin’s radiance for an enviably flawless finish.

The scent of this was a little more intense , again just a normal make up scent but nothing offensive.

Consistency wise it was much thicker. The coverage was very high. But this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I found it really emphasised my fine lines. As for longevity, I found that it broke down on top of my cheeks & creased around my nose. Also by the end of the day I found my mascara had moved onto my bottom lash line. Proper racoon eyes! This mascara normally never budges! Whether or not there are long term benefits to using this I’ll never no as I won’t be continuing to use it.

So overall I would say that this was a bust for me.

But hey one good one bad , not too shabby 🙂

Have you tired either of these? Do you like or loathe them??


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