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Milani Conceal & Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer – A Review



A full coverage concealer and liquid foundation in one ideal for creating an even, faultless base.

Conceal + Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation + Concealer applies seamlessly over the face offering a flawless, matte complexion eradicating the need for a separate concealer. The richly pigmented formula needs just one layer for a naturally perfected, water resistant veil that covers everything from blemishes and redness, to dark circles leaving behind a perfected canvas ready to create your desired look.

I’ve been curious about this for some time as I had seen a lot of Youtubers rave about it & wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  This comes in a nice glass bottle that is very solid & a pump that dispenses the product well.

At the time I purchased this the colour range wasn’t the best, this was one of the lightest and as you can see is quite dark & yellow toned, but I believe they have since come out with more colours.

This is an extremely thick foundation , I don’t know of any other foundation that I have used that is as thick as this!! We don’t have Milani here in Ireland so I had to order this online so it was hard for me to know what consistency this was & what colour was best.

I tried this on it’s own the first time. It applied OK but was extremely thick & took a whole to blend out. It was a medium coverage & even when I tried to build it up it didn’t become full coverage.

I would not say that it was a matte finish, if anything it was quite dewy. And as for covering everything, I had a number of blemish’s and they were still very obvious. I tried to use this as a concealer but alas & alack no joy 😦

As for longevity, this lasted about 5 hours before it started breaking up & looking very greasy. It also seemed to really grab to dry patches on my forehead & cheeks.

The second time I tried it with an oil. I put a small bit on my face & and mixed some in with the foundation to loosen it up a bit. But to be honest it still wasn’t great.

It didn’t last any longer and didn’t look any better.

This was such a disappointment to me, I don’t know if I was looking forward to it too much and that made the disappointment sharper I just don’t know.

I feel like I’m missing something, how could all these people rave about it & it not work out for me? Am I doing something wrong. I would say that I have combo skin, I don’t usually suffer too much from dry patches and usually don’t notice them but this foundation really highlighted them.

Have you tried this? Do you love it? How do you use it if you do & what kind of skin do you have? Or maybe do you hate it as much as me?? I’d love to know your feelings on it.

5 thoughts on “Milani Conceal & Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer – A Review

  1. Wooow. I really was shocked. Everyone was raving about it and now noone? I didn’t purchase it because there was no shade for me and now with that thickness I wouldn’t even use it. It looks like cakey one and heavy duty foundation 😨😨

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