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Sanctuary Luxurious Body Butter

There are so many things that I love about this body butter.

The Scent is warm, delicious & sexy. There is no sweetness to it. It is definitely a more mature scent. And I love it. The minute I open it I can’t help taking a huge lungful & it makes me feel good. Some scents just do that ya know.

It is a Thick & very creamy consistency. It takes awhile to dry, but once it does it sinks in fully leaving skin so so soft. I never feel like I have a film left on my skin as some other body butters I have tried like Macademia Oil Extract Body Butter from Lidl or Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

I have to say there is very little from the body side of this range that I don’t like. From shower gels to bath oils to sugar scrubs etc. They all smell divine & feel lovely on the skin. I especially like to stock up at Christmas when you can but them in bulk 🙂


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