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Battle of the Gradual Tanners

As a pasty pale Irish girl Self Tanning is the only way to get through the summer months! My favourite way to do this has always been gradual tanner. While I do use more intense tan for special occasions I rather pop this on after every shower & gradually build up a nice subtle tan while still being moisturised. No tango here thank you very much!

So I decided to put 4 different brands to the test. The winner gets to come on my holidays to France with me so the stakes are high !!! So lets get started, 1st up:

Dove Summer Revived :

Smells: Nice, kinda sweet & fruity. A nice summer smell.

Application: A white cream. Goes on quite wet & can take a good while to dry down. One time I obviously put on too much as I couldn’t get to sleep that night as my skin was too tacky feeling, had to get up and wash some off. So a light hand is a most.

Tan: Gives a nice natural tan. No streakiness or tan lines. Builds up nicely on top of itself over the week.

Moisturising: As a mosituriser it was OK. I did have one day where I hadn’t applied it the night before and I noticed my skin was quite dry & had to use my hand cream in work.


Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze:

Smells: Doesn’t smell the greatest. Even my Hubby commented on it. It was really off putting

Application: This has the weirdest green tint which is very off putting. It takes a while to dry down. The smell doesn’t dissipate on the skin, still noticed it  the next day.

Tan: It gives a nice colour but not nice enough to get past the smell & colour of the cream.

Moisturising: It wasn’t great as a moisturiser.


Garnier Summer Skin:

Smells: Amazing! This is my favourite smelling one of the bunch. It has a citrusy scent like summer in a bottle. It’s also my husbands favourite smelling.  When this gets pulled out every year he always comments “now it’s summer!”

Application: This is white in colour & is a lot more fluid than the others so it dries down quickly. So quickly that my arms are dry by the time I get to my legs!

Tan: It gives a beautiful light golden tan. This is the lighter version & it takes away the white look. As summer goes on I like to amp up to the darker one. Layers lovely on top of itself & doesn’t seem to get blotchy or uneven.

Moisturising: Great moisturiser.

My only concern with this one is I have a sneaking suspicion that I might make me break out a little bit. But I keep telling myself it is everything else!!!! Cause if it is, the betrayal will be devastating!!!



Bondi Sands Gradual Tanner:

Smells: This is not my favourite smell but this is more to do with my preference. It smells like Palmers Cocoa butter which I know a lot of people love but I am not a fan of.

Application: This is white in colour and creamy. It takes about 5-10 mins to dry down

Tan: Gives a nice natural golden tan. It did seem to looked a bit creased on my neck the next day though.

Moisturising: OK moisturiser.


This is new to my collection & if it smelled nicer it would be a real contender for top spot but………..

The winner is:

Garnier Summer skin!!!! Bon Voyage!

Every year I try new brands & launches & yet every year I end up returning to this one.  It’s like a comfort blanket!

What’s your favourite way to self tan? Is there one you would recommend giving a whirl to? I’d love to know.




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