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E.L.F. Cosmetics, Flawless Finish Foundation, SPF 15, Oil Free, Porcelain, 0.8 oz (23 g)

Claims: Enjoy full-coverage with this oil free foundation that blends and protects. This UVA/UVB SPF 15 foundation is combined with a semi matte finish that creates a flawless look for every day wear.

The consistency of this is quite thick. I would consider it to be a medium to full coverage foundation. It can be built up but can get a bit a cakey if not careful.

I used both a buffing brush, which i noticed left a lot of brush strokes (probably because it’s so thick) but when I went in with the damp sponge it looked much better.

It blends nicely with said sponge & sets pretty quickly. It does have a slightly flowery scent but this dissipates quickly. The finish is not fully matte, which I am finding as I get older, is my preferred type of foundation.

With regards to pores, it doesn’t sink in, blends them away nicely in fact. It also gentle on fine lines, while it doesn’t hide them it doesn’t emphasise them either.

Now, onto the wear. This was not so good. It started to break down within an hour. So my advice would be to use a primer, set down the T-Zone with powder & use a setting spray. That way it did last all day for me.

Another plus in it’s favour is that it has SPF in it. I’m not gonna lie , especially in winter, I can be a bit blase with my SPF, so when the products like primers & foundations etc have it built in it makes my life easier.


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