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My Thoughts on Urban Decay -I’ve a feeling they will be unpopular ones !

Now, to be fair, I haven’t tried all products from Urban Decay but I have tried a good few. Some, like The Gwen Stefani & Vice range’s, I’ve only briefly mentioned here as they were limited edition. But overall about 10 products, which IMHO, is enough for me to make up  my mind on whether or not I spend more of my hard earned money on a higher end brand.

Anywho, on with it.

All Nighter Foundation in shade 3.25 (30ml) €35

I have a Full review on this here, but the short version is that I would not purchase or recommend this. I don’t understand how this can both cling onto dry patches and slide straight of my oily T-Zone. Surely it should do one or the other??!! It really leaves me scratching my head & I wouldn’t know who to recommend this to.

Naked Flushed Palette in Streak €31

The Bronzer is a light colour (I opted for the lighter of these palettes). There is a tiny bit of shimmer in this but I don’t mind so much cause I mainly use this in the summer & I like a little bit of shimmer then. I find this to be too warm toned (a tad orangey if I’m honest) for me for the autumn/winter season. I need to have a bit of tan/warmth to my skin for this to work on me. It lasted a good 10 Hours on me. It didn’t get patchy or wear weirdly.

I didn’t find the blush to be very pigmented which I usually don’t mind as I like to build it up to my desired natural “flush” but it’s not very build-able either unfortunately. It does have a nice sheen to it. It didn’t last too long though, it was gone after a few hours.

The Highlight is very subtle, I’m sure it could be built up if you had some fix plus or other such product but I haven’t tried to be honest.

It’s handy for all in one travel palette, you could even use it as a basic eyeshadow palette.

Overall I will try & use this, cause it wasn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Naked 2 Palette €47.50

I know this is probably a Controversial opinion but I am not a fan! This is hard for me to say because this is the palette that started my journey into the world of YouTube tutorials & reading & loving blogs , leading me right up to today actually writing a blogpost & reigniting my love for make up which I had lost somewhere along the way. My Husband bought me this for my birthday about 4 years ago and I went on YouTube to search for tutorials on how to use it & down the rabbit hole I went. This whole blog is reviews of products YouTube made me buy!

But I digress. As I always do I prepped first with a Maybeline Colour Tattoo Pot. I do this as my eyes are prone to watering & I find the thicker the base the better chance I won’t be crying an actual river.

I used the cream shade Foxy all over. It’s a matte colour that kicks up a lot of powder but goes on smoothly enough. I’m not a fan of how dark this cream is, I would prefer a brighter cream especially for brow highlighting purposes, for which I cannot use this so I have to dip into another palette or go for the more shimmery Bootycall.(which is also very powdery BTW)

Next I went into the crease with Tease. It also kicked up a lot of powder & is also a very dark transition colour which means you kind of need to do a more dramatic eye. Also I don’t feel that it suits as a transition colour for all the other colours in the palette, meaning, AGAIN, I have to dip into another palette.

On the outside & pulling in around a quarter of the way in I went for Snakebite. This is really pigmented  & easy to use. I really like this one.

I chose Chopper for all over the rest of the lid. It again was pigmented but there is A LOT of sparkle/glitter in it.

Finally I took Blackout on a thin brush as a faux liner. This is the most pigmented black I have ever come across! It is matte and doesn’t end up looking grey or washed out as so many blacks do! An absolute highlight of the palette.

These were on my eyes for about 10hrs & did crease pretty badly on me, & the shimmery shades were nearly gone. I have tried this with primer potion as well & have had the same result. Also, even though I used my trusty Colour Tattoo, my eyes streamed steadily for about an hour 😥

Overall I find that I struggle to create a natural look with this palette. This is probably more to do with my limited skills more so than anything else but there you have it. It is very cool toned & everything is so glittery  & cool toned that it really feels to me to be more like a “going out” or winter palette.

There was a lot of fall down due to the powderyness & glitteryness (neither of which are words I know ) of these. I struggle to understand as well how they couldn’t have put at least one more matte transition shade, it would have really helped me out & of course it’s all about me 😀

In summary, I have tried to use this palette, I have watched the YouTube tutorials & tried to re-create the looks but it’s just too much like hard work for me! I will keep it for the odd night I go out in the winter time but it is firmly in the back of my drawer.

All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 4flOz. €30

I love this , I can’t say why cause I don’t know if it does anything bar make me feel fresh!

It has a fantastic “spray”. It is an even, fine mist, with no drops left on the skin.The scent is subtle but fresh.

Where it really shines is when you may have overdone it with the powder (every, Single, TIME) it really takes it back down to a lovely finish.

Whether or not this makes my make up last longer I’m not 100% certain but I have convinced myself that it does 🙂

So all in all I have decided that , except for the setting spray, I won’t be buying anything else from Urban Decay for the time being. For the price I would rather be buying Too Faced or The Balm. I’ve just had better success with these & they are in or around the same price point.

My Vice 4 & Gwen Eyeshadow palettes disappointed me as well. The Vice colours were extremely hard to get a pigmented look with & even when you did they vanished after a few hours & The Gwen palette was very samey. I did however like the Blush Palette & The Eyebrow Palette from the Gwen range. I have a few eyeliners that are grand, no better than ones from say Bourjois or other drugstore brands.

I’ve tried a few of the primer potions but they were never good enough for the price IMO. I would choose a maybelline colour tattoo any day of the week! 

So, have you unfollowed me yet?? I know UD has such a huge & solid fan-base & that I am majorly in the minority but there you have it *shrugs*

Is there a product from this range that you absolutely swear by & is an absolute Holy Grail item in your collection?

Or shock horror, do you maybe agree with me???? I’d love to think I’m not alone.


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