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Harry Potter Project Pan Challenge : #harrypotterandtheorderofthepanners

This year I’ve been really conscious of using up products. I had noticed a lot of my products were coming up on being out of date. So I have tried to martial my products into those that are going to be going out of date soon & using them in my daily routine.

I allow myself freedom to use whatever I want at the weekend.

So with that in mind I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I should have been trying to go to sleep and spotted on The Make Addiction Blog Feed that she was doing a challenge based on panning products & the house colours of Harry Potter. As I have loved Harry Potter from the early days when I worked in a book shop when it was first released this really resonated with me.

So I got my products together & took my pictures & off we go 🙂 This runs from June12th To Sept 12th (yes I’m a tad late but it’s all good!) Credit to Makeupjunky80 who started this tag in the first place.


Gold: Sleek Solstice Palette, the gold colour Hi-Light

Red: Clarins BB Cream


Blue: Wet n Wild Clear Brow Mascara

Bronze: Urban Decay Gwen Palette Lo-Fi Bronzer


Green: L’Oreal CC Cream

Silver: Catrice Concealer


Yellow: Carmex Lip Balm

Black: Flormar Primer

So that’s it. I’ll come back in september & let you know how I get on. Wish me luck.

Are you doing this or something similar? I’d love to know if there are other shorter challenges going on like this.

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