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Drugstore Haul! Oops πŸ™ŠΒ 

Up first I popped into Boots and we all know that doesn’t end well !

They had a buy one get one half price an Eco Tools. I had been mad to pick up the sponges cause YouTube reviews were fairly good and I needed a fan brush. I was worried about the big sponge cause it seemed kinda dense but when wet it works really well and my favourite thing about it is that it doesn’t “drink ” up my foundation.

Maybelline was also buy one get one half price and when I spotted 2 new colours in the colour tattoo range I had to have them! I’m addicted to these. 

Then finally I had again heard good reviews on the Bondi Sands Fake Tan and so far I am loveing both tans.

When I was passing Feelys Total Health in Tuam I spotted they were doing an offer on Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse where you got a free perfume which has the same gorgeous smell. I needed a new body oil so I convinced myself that this was the one I “needed” !

Again I had seen loads of great reviews on the Body shop Camomile Sumptous cleansing Butter so I finally picked it up. I’ve only used it s couple of times but so far I’m loving it.

My niece very kindly brought me this Kiko lip and cheek cream stick. It’s a gorgeous colour for summer and smells divine.

While having a bit of a porter around TK Maxx I seemed to find myself heading for the till with this bunch. Two shower gels and a couple of Korean sheet masks.

I swear I have a disease where I can’t go past a chemist / pharmacy without sticking my head in to see what brands they have. This time it was All Care Pharmacy in Tuam and they had a Bourjois stand where you got a free eyebrow palette with a certain amount spent (won’t lie I can’t remember and more importantly it was just an excuse to buy πŸ˜€) so I picked up some bits I’d wanted to try for a while. The City Radiance Foundation, the Healthy Mix Concealer which has a nice peachy tone for dark circles and the Radiant Light Concealer which is more of a brightening one. 

I tried the free palette a few times and let’s just say there was a reason it was free!

Ah Primark (Penneys). Who of us is immune to its charms! I went in to pick up my favourite cotton rounds and was immensely proud of myself that I only came out with one extra product! Surely there should be a medal for this Herculean feat!!!!! My extra bit was a cream eyeshadow from the PS range in this beautiful bronze colour.

And finally I was incredibly lucky to be invited on The Xpose when it rolled into Galway where Vichy Ireland very kindly gifted us with some goodies! 

Included were the brand spanking new Mineral 89 Fortifying & Plumpling Daily Booster, Aqualia Thermal Serum, Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Micellar Solution, Idealia Peeling Radiance, Slow Age moisturiser, and I had already been to McSharrys Chemist in Terryland in Galway and picked up the Idealia Moisturiser & BB cream and got the 3 Delux Sample sizes of their new face masks free. So I’m pretty much set with skincare for a while!

And that’s it! Not much really. Right?!? RIGHT!!!!! Oops!!!! 

Is there anything here that you’ve tried and loved? Or maybe not so much! Is there anything you’d like to see a full post on??? 


12 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul! Oops πŸ™ŠΒ 

  1. Hi Ruth, I absolutely loved this blog post and many others of yours! I’d just like to say I nomininated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award 2017, I love the idea of a haul blog post something I’d never thought of but loved it! To see the rules please see the blog post I put together for my nomination–enjoy-your-read/blogger-recognition-award-2017

    I look forward to seeing your post!xxx

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