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Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Essence Lash Princess False lash Effect Mascara: I assume by False Lash they mean longer!?! Maybe I’m wrong in assuming that but that’s what I’ll be basing this review on.

I have very straight lashes, I put it on one side without curling my lashes & this definitely doesn’t help to curl them, (to be fair it doesn’t claim to ) but then they don’t look any longer either.


On the opposite side I Curled first & then applied. To me it seemed to clump my lashes together which in my mind means volumising. Again maybe I’m wrong in my assumption!

I tried to apply a second layer to both sides & we just got clumpier & my lashes started to look like hairy spiders legs which I wasn’t a fan of.

As you can see it has a bristle brush which I don’t mind. But the formula is very wet & this has been open for a bit now so shouldn’t still be this messy in my opinion.

So overall the hunt for the great mascara continues!

Any rec’s for me? Do you like this one? Any hints or tips for making it work??

8 thoughts on “Essence Lash Princess Mascara

  1. I absolutely love this product. It makes my lashes big. It doesn’t stick them together. I have small lashes and this one is a win product for me. The formula dries down soon and looks soo volumising and lenghtening

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