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Essence Lip Products

I love these Lip gloss’s (I’m a gloss fan in general). They are highly pigmented and look lovely layered over lip liners & lipsticks. They a have a traditional doe foot applicator. Are easy to apply & re-apply through out the day. The only down side to them is I don’t like them on their own, they’re not as comfortable on the lips, can cause  my lips to get a little stingy & tight when nothing is underneath them.

(It looks like these have since been replaced with the Shine Shine Shine gloss)

Look at those pigmented Swatches , that’s just one swipe.

I have to say I prefer the Glossy Stick over the Velvet Stick. In both colour & finish. As already stated I am more of a gloss kind of girl. I really need to stop going for these mauvey colours, they wash the life right out of my face. These are handy to pop in the handbag for touching up on the go.


Next up are the lippes, the one on the right is a regular lipstick (couldn’t find a title for it) that has a slight sheen to it. It has a sweet scent but not sickly sweet. It’s extremely pigmented & once I’ve warmed it up on the back of my hand ( I do this with most lipsticks to help them glide on) it glides on but is slightly dry. This seems to help it last, which it really does, a good 3-4 hours before needing to touch up. It does transfer a lot though.

The second one is from the Matt Matt Matt range. Oddly , this is not fully matte! There is a very slight sheen to it. It is quite dry though and drags on the lips. I had some dryness which it really highlighted. Also it smells so much sweeter than the other, it was slightly sickening if I’m honest. It also transfers but wears away to a slight stain which is nice. Again I NEED to stop buying this shade! Why do I keep reaching for it!! What is wrong with me!!!!!!! It’s an illness. I wouldn’t buy more from this range, it just didn’t suit me.

I love these Lip liner’s they are so affordable & so good regardless of price.

The automatic Longlasting liner (3rd one in) is a lovely creamy formula. It’s extremely pigmented & applies like a dream. I’d be happy leaving the house with just this on my lips.

The Regular wooden Lip liner is also a good one. It is a bit harder, which tends to be the case with wooden pencils, it sharpens easily & it’s great for a very defined lip as it’s not as creamy as the Longlasting one so therefore there is more precision.

Overall, with products all under €5 it’s hard to go wrong with these lippies. I still have more from this range of lippes to try out & will report back!

Have you tried any of these or others from this range? Do you rate or hate them? What should I try next?


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