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Brand Focus: Clarins

In my head for a long time I had considered that Clarins was an older persons brand. As I write this I was about to say that that is no longer the case. But then I realised I am the older person :D!!!

Anywho, on with the review before I depress myself too much!!

Let’s start with my absolute favourite.

BB Skin Detox Fluid in 00 Fair

I absolutely adore this BB/foundation. Particularly at this time of year. It gives beautiful coverage with a gorgeous glow to the skin. It may not last all day long but it wears off beautifully if there is such a thing. It looks more luminous than greasy or oily. It definitely wears down but to more of a light coverage, not a bit patchy. I can just powder my t-zone & look pretty presentable again.

It is a medium coverage foundation that can be built up in areas that need it without ever looking cakey. It gives me a lovely youthful appearance. It doesn’t emphasise pores or fine lines. I’ve recently come to the realisation as my skin gets older that this type of foundation is better for me. Anything too matte seems to age me.

I usually use a flat top Kabuki to initially apply, it blends beautifully, I always like to finish off all my foundation application with a beauty sponge. this ensures a prefect application for me.

Next up is a creamy concealer that I wasn’t sure about at first but have grown to love:

Instant Concealer in 01

This is a great colour match for me. It isn’t ridiculously bright but it definitely lifts my under eye area. It is quite thick & a little bit goes a long way. It makes my under eye look luminous & blends very easily. I use it on my lid as well & it really brightens them up. It takes loose powder well which helps stop creasing. Which of course there is. When you get to my age I don’t believe there is a concealer out there that doesn’t crease.

I don’t know how this would fair with people who have serious dark circles. Mine are not that excessive. It’s a great concealer if you haven’t much to conceal. It doesn’t quite last all day but it doesn’t get patchy or settle into lines too much.

Next up is an oldie but a goodie:

Beauty Flash Balm

I had this originally for my wedding about 10 years ago & only recently repurchased it when I remembered how much I loved it.

I find the best way to use this is to press it in as opposed to rubbing it. It gives the skin a really luminous finish making you look like you look super healthy & glowy. It doesn’t help with pores or longevity of make up that I can tell,  it’s really not that kind of primer. My skin does however feel a little bit tighter & more youthful looking which I am all about.

And Finally on to some skincare:

Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin

This is a gorgeous scrub  with bamboo powders in it as opposed to large granular pieces. This was lovely on the skin. I get these little bumps on my upper arms and this really helped with them. I am all out now & need to repurchase.

Moisture-rich Body Lotion

This is a really nice body lotion. It dries in fast, smells lovely & fresh & leaves the skin feeling really smooth & nice to the touch.

Extra-Firming Body Lotion

I don’t know that this did much firming but like the other one it was a lovely moisturiser.

Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate

I used this exclusively in the bath. It was fine. I can’t say it did much more than any other oil based product I use in the bath. It did smell nice though.

& finally

Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner

I liked this. It’s a good fruit based exfoliator. It felt nice on my skin, never stung it & smelled nice. But I don’t know that it’s any better than my Nip & Fab Exfoliating pads or my Pixi Glow Tonic. I may or may not repurchase.

Overall I am really enjoying this range and am now extremely keen to try out more. 

Is there anything from the range you would Recommend? 

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