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Essence Concealer & Eye Primers

Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Concealer: This concealer really surprised me. I find myself reaching for it over more expensive concealers.

It’s the prefect colour for my skin, really brightens up my face. From the swatch you can see there’s a slight peachyness to it. It doesn’t sink into fine lines…..much. Lets be honest everything is going to show up some bit but this is way kinder than most.

It blends nicely and once set, lasts a long time. Not 16 hours mind you. But not bad. It’s hydrating and just an overall good concealer.

I ❤️️ Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base: This is supposed to help colourful eye shadows really pop. I can safely say that it did not. I used a bright pinky / purple shadow  on one eye & the 1 ❤ Stage on the other & actually had to work harder to get the eyeshadow to pop on this eye. It was very disappointing. It didn’t even help the shadow to last.

I ❤️️ Stage Eyeshadow Base: This appears quite dark on the skin but blends nicely & covers all the veins/discoloration on your lids. Once set down by a powder all eyeshadows blend nicely on top of it. I don’t find that it overly increases the lasting time of the shadows, but they should be able to that themselves! It’s not a bad primer but it’s not the best either. I still have to find that one! The search continues 🙂

Which Eye Primers & concealers are your holy grail? I’d really like to find a great eyeshadow primer that covers all bases.


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