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The Balm: Brand Focus

I have to say the packaging of this brand is what catches my attention. It’s fun & kitsch & I just really enjoy it. The fact that I also enjoy their products is a bonus.

In the Balm of Your Hand €39.95:

This is a super palette for traveling. It’s neat & tidy & covers nearly all bases. There are 3 powder blushes. Ranging from winter to summer. There are also 2 cream blushes / lip products.

We also have a bronzer & the iconic Mary Lou Manizer. Actually all the products in this are extremely popular within the brand.

The eye-shadows are also fantastic wearable colours that can create very different looks. My only issue is the lack of matte transition colour. I know people will say you could use the bronzer but it’s a bit dark for me.


Meet Matt(e) Trimony €44.00

This is a really fab palette! The mattes blend out so beautifully & the colours really cover all bases for me. There are so many different colours & looks that I can create. There are a number of lovely transition shades & a cohesive look just using this palette is so easy.

The swatches make them look a tad patchy but I never find this to be the case on the actual eyelid.

Mary Lou Manizer: €20.50

There she is.In all her glory! This is probably one of the first Highlighters that I bought & I can definitely say the youtube made me buy her.

This is an incredibly pigmented highlight. It does kick up a bit of powder. It can give a lovely subtle highlight or a bling to the stars type glow.

I would advise though, if you have a lot of pores and or wrinkles, that this definitely emphasis’s them! So you have been warned!!

Batter up €18.50:

I am in love with this cream eyeshadow. It is soooo pigmented but blends out like a dream. You can sheer it out or layer it up. And eye shadows lay on top perfectly & they last all day. This has to be my absolute favourite from the brand. And I want to get more of these.

My only gripe with this brand is the price point. It’s certainly not the cheapest on the market. But the quality so far seems to be backing them up.

Have you tried anything from the brand? Do you like it? Do you maybe think it’s overpriced? I’d love to know your thoughts?


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