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Penneys (Primark) Ps… Pure Glow Highlighting Kit

This is Penneys (Primark) latest offering to the world of dupes of which they are knocking them out fast & furious. If there is anything in the beauty market that it is on trend Penney’s will have an affordable version of it available. Even the marble style packaging is on trend.

Let me just start off with the guide on the inner packaging. I definitely would not be using it that way personally. Obviously with my pasty pale more mature skin I could not possibly use the guided colours as bronzers. I don’t think anyone really could. Because if you have a darker skin tone I would imagine these colours would be more suited as highlighter.

As  you can see from the swatches all colours are extremely shimmery bordering on glittery!

The White (Desert)one is very powdery & that powder clumps together very similar to powdered sugar.  I used a fan brush & then needed to use my finger to blend it out. This can very quickly become ashy looking. Where I do love this is on the inner corner, it works better IMO with a small, flat dense brush.

The Pink (Eden) one is my favourite of the bunch. It goes on lovely as a highlighter, as an eyeshadow & as a topper over blush. I kinda of got carried away with this one & was ooohing & aaahing so much and “just a liiitttllee bit more” that I ended up looking like a disco ball 😀 It gives that wet look kinda of finish when layered but can also be subtle if needed.

The Bronze (Firefly) & Gold (Glimmer) are both beautiful colours but I wouldn’t be able to use them as a highlight. I enjoy both of them on the center of my eyes when I am creating a high glamour eye look. I think maybe in the summer I could play around a bit more with these & try them out on my collarbone. As of now Firefly of these two is my favourite.

Overall for €6 there is bound to be something that you could use if you are anyway inclined towards highlighting. I personally have been reaching for it a lot since picking it up.

Have you tried this? Do you dismiss it due to it’s price tag? I know I used to. What are you thoughts on it? I’d love to know.


17 thoughts on “Penneys (Primark) Ps… Pure Glow Highlighting Kit

  1. Primark had had some really nice beauty bits in recently and for the sake of a few pounds you really can’t go wrong.

    Those swatches look a little scary glittery but they look like they’d make the perfect eyeshadow, a pop of shine in the centre of the lid maybe.

    Laura xo

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  2. Cheaper makeup products tend to be more pigmented – which is why they can have a lot of excess. If you hold the end of your makeup brush when you apply, you can get a lighter touch. The first two shades on the left, would make a perfect eyeshadow base and highlight under the brows. The gold could work amazing over the top of bronzer…like a good summer, bronzey look. xx

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