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Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – A Sad Tale of Woe!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in 3.25 30ml €35

Claims : All Nighter Liquid Foundation by Urban Decay provides full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Get all-night wear and a blown-out effect you never thought was possible for a flawless-looking complexion that looks amazing and stays that way. Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, this revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day. While Naked Skin complexion products are demi-matte, All Nighter Liquid Foundation is completely matte-but never flat (and it s oil-free!). Urban Decay loaded this formula with an insane amount of pigment (about three times as much as Naked Skin Liquid Makeup), so a little goes a long way. There’s no need to build coverage or apply multiple layers. This waterproof, paraben-free formula diffuses light to blur flaws for beautifully perfected skin as it mattifies and absorbs oil to reduce the appearance of shine.

So lets get down to it.

I have played around with this quite a bit. I’ve eventually found that the best way to apply is to use a flat topped kabuki brush & then blend with a sponge. Sponge on it’s own has way too much coverage & a brush on it’s own leave loads of brush strokes. So the two combined work best.

This does give good coverage, I still had some redness around outside of the bridge of the nose. But it can be built up OK.

The initial colour on application seems to be a perfect match. This comes in cool, warm & neutral tones which is great. The fairest colour should suit the most translucent of skins!

My pores weren’t very obvious & it blended nicely into my skin. Overall it looked well. Happy Days!! Right? Oh wait…….

As the day progressed I noticed that the colour oxidized badly on my skin. It had also got quite patchy and it was showing pores I didn’t even know I had!! 

I also noticed that it was grabbing onto dry patches I didn’t even know I had & simultaneously was sliding of my T-Zone. Like a literal Oil Slick! Not. Cute! How is that even possible? Surely a foundation should do one or the other. Eventually it was completely gone from my nose & chin.

After a few tries I eventually found the “baking” with loose powder was the only way to get it to last, I got about 10 hours out of it(certainly not “all night”). But it felt very cakey & thick using this method.

Overall I am just not a fan of this foundation. Since it cost so much I am going to keep using it but more as a mixer with other foundations to make them more long lasting or to be a better colour match.

Have you tried this? I know this review won’t be the most popular as this is a favourite with a lot of people. Do you love it or hate it or want to try it? I’d love to know 🙂



16 thoughts on “Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – A Sad Tale of Woe!

  1. I had the exact same problem with this foundation. I went in to get matched and the man on the counter seemed to give me a shade too light so I thought okay I can add bronzer I’ll make it work as I cannot return it now. It really is the perfect coverage for me but I just found that it clinged to every flaw on my face it was really flakey around my nose and after a full day at work I would look a complete mess. Like you I had paid too much to waste it so used the whole bottle but I went back to my trust Mac
    studio fix. So disappointed with this foundation xx

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    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! But not glad it didn’t work for you 😀😀 can you believe I’ve never tried a MAC foundation!!??!!
      Every time I go to my local counter they are more interested in dealing with the youngster than an auld one like me 😝


  2. Sorry to hear it doesn’t work so well with you, I personally like this foundation but I think you’re right, it does oxidise, for me I notice that as soon as it touches the skin on the back of my hand it slightly changes colour. I always thought this was cause of the warmth of my skin but oxidation makes much more sense! Never mind though I love looking slightly tanned ahah. However If i apply too much I do end up looking brown-er than usual. Great post!

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