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Bourjois Lip Products That I’m Loving

Bourjois Rouge Laque liquid lipstick:

These lippies are amazing. I was so surprised. They go on so smoothly, can be layered up, and as they wear off, which of course they do (16 hours , yeah I don’t think so), they leave a beautiful stain on the lips.

They are extremely pigmented, the tip on the wand helps make it easy to apply it around the edge of the lips. They dry down quickly, have a bit of a sweet smell & taste but not too in your face. They stay shiny & comfortable on the lips.

Their Lip liners are amazing. They are so soft & creamy & just glide on the lips. They are beautifully pigmented. As you can see I am collecting them all cause I love them that much. According to the website they are supposed to last up to 12hrs which is complete rubbish but most of those kind of claims are but that doesn’t stop my from loving them.

I know these look similar, & they probably are but I regret nothing 🙂

Have you tried any of these? I’m thinking now I need to go back & buy all the lip products from this range!!


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