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Essence Stay All Day 16H Foundation Review

Essence Stay All Day 16H Foundation:

Claims:this long-lasting foundation ensures a smooth and silky complexion all day long. its delicate texture allows a simple and even application. thanks to the high-quality pump dispenser, it’s easy to find the perfect dosage for an indescribably beautiful look. Dermatologically tested. 

Ah….. no.Just No!

Lets start with the good. The Pump on this is great. OK that’s done, onto the bad!

There is nothing delicate about this formula. It’s thick & gloopy and just not nice. I tried it over different styles of primer (smoothing, silicone & moisturising) & with a Real Techniques brush one day & a damp beauty blender the next. Nothing really worked to help me work this in nicely. It broke down as the day went on & really badly, it was so patchy after just a few hours. I had it on for 12 hours & what was left, which was very little, looked awful. I gave this 3 days and just couldn’t do it anymore.

The colour was also a complete bust. I got Sand Beige 10. This was the lightest. I mean seriously! I tried to mix in The Body Shop Lightening drops & the next day another foundation I had which was extremely light but it still looked orange on me.

So yeah. I guess you could say I wasn’t a fan of this foundation. Have you tried this foundation? Did it work for you? Am I doing something wrong?


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