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Glamglow – What’s All The Fuss About?

Glamglow is one of those face-masks that blasted onto the scene a few years back & everyone & their mother jumped on the bandwagon!


Originally designed as a 10-minute professional ‘facial in a jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries.YOUTHMUD® provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps to leave skin looking smoother, brighter, and softer resulting in immediate camera-ready glowing skin.For Men & Women. Get your Youthful Sexy Glow back in just 10 minutes.YOUTHMUD® for Super Sexy Super Radiant Skin™.

I use a Real Techniques foundation brush to apply it & find it spreads it better than using my hands & I don’t use too much & waste it.

I have to say, I feel this is way over hyped, especially now with the likes of L’Oreal doing a similar mask for a quarter of the price.

My face stings when I have it on and my skin feels tight & dehydrated when I take it off. It literally feels like it sucks the actual life out of my face! So I can safely say, that for me at least, that this product did not live up to the claims.

For €45 there is no way I would buy this again. If I’m being completely honest if it was €4.50 I wouldn’t buy it again! Maybe it just wasn’t suited to my skin type but it has put me off buying others from the brand.

Have you used this product? Did it work for you?? Are there other products that you have tried that in your opinion are not worth the hype??


8 thoughts on “Glamglow – What’s All The Fuss About?

  1. I’ve had my eye on these for the longest time! But i just cant get along with how expensive they are, i’d need them to give me a new face for that price! Good to know it might all just be hype though makes me feel like i’m not missing much.

    Laura xo

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