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Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in 010 Light Infusion – A Review

When I first tried this product I was hugely disappointed. I was expecting NASA to ask me to take it down a notch cause it was affecting their satellites. But then I read & watched some reviews & realised that this was meant to be a subtle highlight. I hadn’t realised there was such a thing! I thought I was meant to blind people with my highlight.

When applied to the face it gives a beautiful lit from within look to the skin. It can be built up to be more intense if desired. It’s a huge pan so will last for ages & for €5.50 how can you possibly go wrong?

I like to use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply, it can apply the highlighter both gently & liberally as desired.

Have you tried this Highlighter, do you rate it or hate it??? Do you recommend any others that I should try out?


8 thoughts on “Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in 010 Light Infusion – A Review

    1. lol thanks πŸ˜€ I’ve been searching every essence stand for that highlighter and then I read a girls review, I think she was from Croatia, and apparently this is the same highlighter. I guess it makes sense considering they are made by the same company!

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  1. I can se from the photos it is subtle highlighter with no glitter and high shine in it. Which I love. I like natural highlighters with no glitter in them. That is why I enjoy some similar from Essence Pure Nude highlighter and my The Balm one Mary Lou. They are good qualty made powders with no glitter in it. Because i don’t like glitter on my face. I really enjoyed your review on this highlighter and I wish you will use it because on regular days it is soo cute. I like the Prime and fine primer I use it everytime when I put my makeup just after my Neutrogena moisturiser πŸ™‚

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