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Micellar Water – My Fav Cleansing Product

“The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin,”

I LOVE Micellar water. No Let me rephrase, I love certain brands & types of Micellar water because not all Micellar waters are cut from the same cloth so to speak.

My first foray was the Iconic Bioderma H2o. I had read about this over the years & when I was in France a few summers ago I picked it up. The following Year Micellar water blew up! I have to say from very first use I fell in love. I had stopped using face wipes as I had finally come to the realisation that they were doing my face no good & I also finally realised the importance of the second cleanse! This removed so much make up & dirt with just a swipe of a soaked pad. My skin felt refreshed as opposed to the tightness I felt after using wipes. It was actually a pleasure to use. And I felt that the second cleanse didn’t need to be as deep or abrasive.

I’ve also tried the Sebium version of the Bioderma. I don’t think my skin actually benefited from this as just my T-Zone gets a bit oily & this was probably a bit of overkill. But I was curious 🙂

As the Bioderma was quite expensive here in Ireland I decided to try the new guy on the market Garnier Micellar cleansing water (the one with the oink top). This for me is a very close second to the Bioderma. I will definitely be purchasing the huge double packs they sell in France when I’m back there this summer but this will do me just fine until then. The only reason it doesn’t pip the Bioderma to the post is that I feel like it doesn’t clean my skin quite as much as the Bioderma, I need to go over my skin with a couple of pads instead of just the one.

I’ve also tried the Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water & HATED it! It just feels gross on my skin & leaves it feeling greasy & icky!

The next one I tried was the Boots Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution (All Bright range). This wasn’t great. I didn’t feel like it took a lot of my make up off and left my skin feeling a bit tight. I relegated this for brush cleaning. I actually love these for cleaning my brushes. I pore some of this into a small bowl, dunk my eye shadow brush & swirl it around a bit.  I then swirl it around on a piece of muslin or a towel. They come out spotless and dry nice & softly!

So after that I tried the offering from Simple which has always been a good brand for me. You will see in the picture that the bottles look different aside from the obvious as being different in size. The one on the far right is far superior to the one on the left! How is this possible?? I bought one in Boots in Northern Ireland & the other in Boots in the South. They both seem to have the same ingredients, but the one on the right acts more like the Simple Toner. Really odd. The larger bottle is now available down South so I am going to pick it up & see if it’s as good as the one I bought in the North as I did really like it.

The last one pictured is from Nivea. Again it was kinda rubbish and got relegated to cleaning brushes.

So if I were to rank them they would go as follows:

  1. Bioderma H2o (orginal formula)
  2. Garnier Micellar Water (Original formula)
  3. Simple Micellar cleansing water (the one in the larger bottle)
  4. Bioderma Sebium
  5. Simple (smaller bottle) Boots Botanics & Nivea were all pretty much the same
  6. And last but not least The Garnier Oil-Infused one




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