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Full Face of No7        Weekly Makeup Bag Wk 6. 

This weeks makeup bag focus’s on the brand No7. This is a brand made for Boots. It’s not totally budget but it’s not high-end either. It’s somewhere in the middle.

The packaging is gorgeous but the products can be hit or miss for me (which to be fair is the case with most brands!)

I do love that they have the Match Made system which allows them to test your skin to correctly colour match you for Foundation, Blush & Lipsticks so that you are wearing the best colour’s for your skin type & colouring etc.

Primer: Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm. Not bad, seems like micro glitter added for the “radiance” element. Not really suitable as a primer. Supposed dupe for Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm but I’d rather pay the extra bit for the Clarin’s. Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Foundation: Stay Perfect Foundation in Cool Ivory. It didn’t stay perfect 😟 I had had this a few years back before I really started trying other foundations and thought I really liked it. But I guess I didn’t expect much from them back then. Have Repurchased but won’t again. 

Concealer: Instant Radiance in shade 10. It brightened me up a bit on first application but seemed to disappear away as the day progressed. Settled in fine lines under eyes even though it was set! Wouldn’t repurchase.

Powder: Perfect Light Loose Powder in Translucent. Meh. *shrugs* nothing special. Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Bronzer: Bronzer in Caramel. I wasn’t sure about the colour of this but it’s actually quite nice on my pale skin. Very nearly matte. Would Repurchase 

Blush: Pop & Glow Duo Blush & Shimmer. This is very pretty but I prefer using it in the summer time Would Repurchase.

Highlight: Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid. No! Just no! Too much use of glitter & the “brush” on top is horrendous! Either nothing comes out or loads does and the brush does not apply it nicely. I ended up cutting off the bristles so I could at least see what was coming out. Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Eye shadow Primer: Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow. This was actually quite nice, could have worn it on its own and been good to go! Would Repurchase.

Eye shadow: Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Palette in Nude. This was underwhelming. The only matte is a cream colour. With them all being so similar in colour surely there could have been a matte transition colour??!!?? The shimmers were ok but nothing particularly special. Not creamy or highly pigmented. Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Liner: Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner & Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Deep Green. The green pencil was awful! Way too soft and transferred EVERYWHERE. The liquid liner wasn’t bad but im not an authority  on liquid liner so what do I know 😀 Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Mascara: Dramatic Lift. Again nothing particularly special here. It didn’t make my lashes look awesome and it transferred throughout the day. Wow I’m really not enjoying this brand 😢Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Brows: Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil in Brown. The pencil isn’t the worst. But it’s also not the best. The nib is quite thick and angular a la the Benefit Goof Proof pencil. To be fair thinking about it now it’s not all the pencils fault! I’m more of a eye brow powder person. My biggest gripe is the spoolie on this is too stubby. It’s fine on my right eye where I’ve lots of room to manoeuvre but on my left brow I’m hitting the pencil off my eyebrow more so than the spoolie! Does that even make sense? Go home Ruth you’re drunk 😵 Wouldn’t Repurchase.

Lip Liner: Precision Lip Liner in Soft Blush, Pink & Red. Ah finally something I like. These are nice creamy pencils without being too soft. I use them all over the lip on their own or with lippie and gloss and they help everything last. You can twist up and down and there is a little nib sharpener in the base. Have Repurchased.

Lip Stick: Moisture Drench in Soft Ruby & Soft Paprika. Again this is where this brands strengths seem to lie. A nice ,comfortable, fairly long lasting lippie that is really pigmented. Have Repurchased.

Lip Gloss: High Shine Lip Gloss in Pink Hydrangea. A nice feeling , not too gloopy gloss with a nice bit of pigmentation to them. Would Repurchase.

So yeah. This week was a bit of a bust. Just as well I already had some of these products and the rest I got on 3 for 2 plus the €4.50 off voucher cause this is one of the more expensive “drugstore” brands. 



2 thoughts on “Full Face of No7        Weekly Makeup Bag Wk 6. 

    1. Awh thank you 😊
      I know what you mean, I definitely think they have invested more in their skin care of late.
      I was looking for contour kits, powder highlighter or brow powders / mascaras. Even the most affordable ranges have these products but I feel their makeup is a bit of an afterthought.

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