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Top 5 Bottom 5 – Wet N Wild

Bottom 5: working it’s way to the worst in my opinion.

Coverall Prime Base De Teint: €4.99

Apart from being moisturising this did nothing else. My Make up pretty much slid off my face within hours & if anything it emphasised my pores!

Geometric Highlighting Powder: €4.99 I just don’t know what the purpose of this is. I had to scrape off the top layer with a tooth brush to try & get some product payoff. It isn’t enough for a highlight & I’ve heard people say that you can use it like an Hourglass Ambient powder but it was awful all over my face. So yeah, I don’t rightly know what to do with this… you??? I’m thinking I might hand on to it until summer time to see if looks better with a bit of tan.

Megaliner Liquid Liner: €3.99 Full disclosure, I am rubbish at liquid eyeliner. And this doesn’t help me any! It was very wet and transferred all over the place & seemed to take forever to dry.

Coverall Liquid Concealer Wand in Light: €3.49 This was awful! It made my under eyes look scaly and it was so thick & creased so badly.

Glitter Color Icon Single Eye shadows: €1.99What the what! What even were these?? It was like jelly with glitter in. But all that went onto your eye was the jelly! The glitter stayed in the pan. Absolute non runner for me. Neither a brush nor a finger could get these to work for me 😦

Top 5: Working up to the best.

Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar: €4.99 This is a gorgeous highlighter. So pigmented. It definitely is for lovers of the more seen from space type of highlight, they’re ain’t nothing settle about this one!

Coloricon Loose Pigment: €3.99 I have never tried the MAC pigments & to be honest after trying these I have no desire to as these are so affordable in comparison & work wonderfully. I spray a little bit of MAC Fix Plus on my brush & pat this on the lid & it is gorgeous!

Coloricon Blush in Pearlescent Pink: €3.99 I love this blush so much. It is nicely pigmented and has the slightest of shimmer to it without being glittery. It lasts all day & is especially gorgeous in the summer time.

Coloricon Lip Liner in Fab Fuschia : €1.99 This is a wonderful creamy liner that has so much product for such a small price! It’s just a pity that there isn’t more colour variety within the range. The rest are very brown in tone which is very “in” right now but doesn’t really suit me.

Max Volume Plus Waterproof  Mascara: €5.49 I absolutely loved this & did a full review of it here.

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