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Full Face of Catrice Weekly Makeup Bag Wk 5. 

So this weeks weekly make up is focusing on Catrice Cosmetics to see what gems I can discover .

Primer: Prime & Fine Pore Refining & Anti Shine Base. This was a fantastic primer. Does exactly what it says in the tin. Want to try other primers from this range now. Would highly recommend.

Foundation: H.D. Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige. I have a full review of this  Here. Short version Would highly recommend.

Concealer: Camouflage cream 010 Ivory & Retouch light reflecting concealer 005 Light Nude. I wasn’t really blown away by either of these. The thicker more spot concealing pot is probably the better of the two. The light reflecting one just didn’t sit nicely and didn’t last or just do anything in general for me. Wouldn’t Recommend either.

Powder: Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder 010 Transparent. This is a hard one for me. I don’t know if the combo of mattifying primer and powder that gave me a little bit of cake face. I feel like I need to try this with other combos as it is very finally milled and had a lovely feel to it. Still have to make my mind up on this one.

Bronzer : Sunglow Mineral Bronzing Powder 010 Golden Light. This is a nice bronzer for fair skinned ladies. It isn’t too in your face and gives just a nice amount of warmth. Little to no glitter (not fully matte in my opinion) I just don’t know if I’d run out and buy it again if I lost it! 50/50

Contour: Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette 010 Ashy Radiance. I liked both of the products in this. The contour side is a good colour for me and the highlight is actually gorgeous. Two great products is two thumbs up from me Would Recommend 

Blush: Blush Artist Shading Palette 020 CorAll I Need. Really pretty blush with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades that can be used on their or mix & match together beautifully. Would Recommend 

Highlight: High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder 010 Light Infusion. This is a wonderful subtle highlight. It has earned a bit of a holy grail status in the blogosphere and rightly so. I’m sure you could intensify with some fix plus et al but for my older skin I prefer the subtlety of it. Would Highly Recommend. 

Eyeshadow Primer: Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base. This isn’t a bad primer it was just too thin for my needs. As I have very watery eyes I need a thicker primer to have as a barrier. But it does keep your eyeshadow in place all day. Would Recommend.

Eyeshadow: The Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette in 010 Blossom ‘N’ Roses. & Victorian Poetry Palette in C01 NostalChic. I have to say Catrice have really upped their game with they’re eyeshadows. I had previously had & dumped eyeshadow palettes in the past from this brand as they were awful. But these were buttery & creamy and the couple of mattes were real stand outs which is unusual in my experience with drugstore eyeshadow. They do kick up a lot of powder but so does my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renessance Palette so that doesn’t bother me. Would Highly Recommend.

Liner. Eyeliner Pen Waterproof. Hard for me to judge this cause I’m crap at eyeliner and this didn’t make me any better Can’t say.

Mascara: Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara 24h Waterproof. The formula and packaging of this mascara are great but I hated the wand. It was way too chunky and thick and hard to get in around the inner corner and lower lashes. Wouldn’t recommend wand but would the formula. 

Brows: Eye & Brow Contouring Palette 010 But First Cold Chocolate. I loved this on my brows but also as an eyeshadow. This also kicks up a lot of powder but that doesn’t bother me. Would Recommend. 

Lip liner: Longlasting Lip Pencil 080 That’s What Rose Would Do. I’m not a fan of this lip liner. I found it very hard and scratchy. The colour was nice though. Wouldn’t Recommend. 

Lipstick & Lipgloss: I’m not gonna name each one cause it’s obvious I have a thing for them. They’re one of my fav lippie products. Would Highly Recommend.

Overall this is a great affordable range that , like most brands, high & low end, had some great and not so great products. 

Do you like this brand? Are there any products that I’ve missed out on that I should try?? I’d love to know. 

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